Monday, July 16, 2018

The Sandugo Festival is an annual celebration in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. It commemorates the Treaty of Friendship between Datu Sikatuna, a chieftain in Bohol, and Spanish conquistador Miguel López de Legazpi, which took place in 1565. It's a month-long event that features the tradition, history, and culture of the Boholanos. Below is the schedule of events and activities in the upcoming Sandugo Festival 2018. The highlight of the festival is the Bangga sa Bol-anong Kuradang (Street Dancing/Showdown) happening on July 28, 2018 at the CPG Sports Complex, Tagbilaran City. [Read: Tourist Spots in Bohol]

Manaragat Festival is an annual celebration in Catbalogan City to honor St. Bartholomew as the miraculous Saint who maintained the richness of Maqueda Bay as a major fishing ground of the province of Samar. Manaragat is a local term for fishermen. It's a month-long fiesta celebration which starts on August 1, 2018.

Photo credit: Manaragat Festival FB page

Here's the schedule of events and activities in the upcoming Manaragat Festival of Catbalogan City 2018.

Higalaay Festival is Cagayan de Oro's annual week-long fiesta held in the last week of August. It is filled with a series of colorful and fun-filled activities that culminates on the 28th of August, the feast of St. Augustine.

Photo credit: Higalaay Festival 2018 FB Page

Here's the schedule of events and activities in the upcoming Higalaay Festival 2018. Highlights of the festival include: Higalaay Street Parade and FLoats Civic Military Parade on August 27 and Religious and FLuvial Procession on August 28.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

It's Kadayawan season again! Wondering what to do in Davao? Here's a list of Things to Do in Davao when you visit the city during the Kadayawan sa Davao Festival happening on August 10-19, 2018. The festival is longer this year so you will have many things to see and do while in the Durian Republic. [Read: A Complete Davao City Travel Guide]

Attend the Pag Abli sa Kadayawan
If you are in Davao on August 10, 2018, I highly suggest you attend the Pag Abli sa Kadayawan in Magsaysay Park. It's the festival's opening ceremony that will commence with an ecumenical thanksgiving service for the year of blessing and bounty.  It will be a grand showcase of the colorful culture and tradition of Davao City's 11 tribes. {Read: Schedule of Official Events and Activities of Kadayawan Sa Davao]

Pag Abli sa Kadayawan | Photo credit to Kadayawan sa Davao FB page

Witness the Coronation of the Hiyas sa Kadayawan
One of the major highlights of the festival, Hiyas sa Kadayawan is a prestigious search for the symbolic Festival Gem.  Eleven young women from the distinguished tribes of Davao City will present in their indigenous garbs. The lass, who embodies her indigenous culture and wisdom in this modern times will be crowned “Hiyas sa Kadayawan”. Hiyas sa Kadayawan coronation night is on August 11, 2018 at Rizal Memorial Colleges Gym in Lopez Jaena Street.

Watch the Indak-Indak sa Kadayawan
One of Kadayawan Festival's highlights is Indak-Indak sa Kadayawan or the street dancing parade participated by different groups from all over Mindanao. It features participants with colorful and vivid costumes showcasing choreographed dance inspired my Mindanao's tri-people community : The Christians, the Muslims and the Lumads (Indigenous People). This year's Indak Indak sa Kadayawan is set on August 18, 2018 at the Kadayawan Square in San Pedro Street, in front of the Davao City Hall.

See the Pamulak sa Kadayawan
Pamulak sa Kadayawan is another highlight of the festival happening on August 19, 2018. It highlights the abundance of Davao Region's flora and fauna presented with artistry interpreted in decorative floats. This year is going to be more interesting and experiential as select audience will get a chance to ride a Pamulak Float.

Experience the Kadayawan Village
Kadayawan Village showcases indigenous cuisine, songs, dances, arts and architecture of the 11 tribes that include Ata, Iranun, Kagan, Klata-Guiangan, Maguindanaon, Maranao, Matigsalug, Ovu Manuvu, Sama, Taga-bawa and Tausug. 

Kadayawan Village | Photo credit to Kadayawan sa Davao FB page

Watch the nightly cultural performance at the Kadayawan Circle
From August 11-19, a nightly cultural performance from the 11 tribes will take place at the Kadayawan Circle in Magsaysay Park. This is a must especially if you are staying in the city for the entire Kadayawan week.

Photo credit to Kadayawan sa Davao FB page

Participate in the Dula Kadayawan
Dula Kadayawan will be an experiential activity for locals and tourists alike who will get to interact with the tribes through their games. Unlike the previous years, the upcoming Dula will be more experiential as locals and tourists will be allowed to interact with the tribes to try their indigenous games.

Dula Kadayawan | Photo credit to Kadayawan sa Davao FB page

Try the Indigenous Food at the Pananam Food Hall
Pananam Food Hall will be Kadayawan's version of a food court displaying the various tribal delicacies - allowing the locals and tourists alike to taste the "tribal cuisine."  It will open on August 10 after Pag Abli where guests can sample their food for free. On the next day, food will be sold so if you want to eat more of their "tribal cuisine", you can come back and buy more.

Photo credit to Kadayawan sa Davao FB page

Have a Relaxing Massage in Roxas Street
If you want a cheap yet relaxing massage while in Davao City, head over to the biggest massage place in Davao in Roxas Street. Whether you are up for a back massage, a foot massage or a full body massage, this place surely have a massage therapist ready to serve you. [Read: 9 FREE Tourist Spots in Davao]

Sample the Best Food of Davao
Whether you are a first timer or a frequent visitor, I highly recommend that you try some of Davao's homegrown restaurants. There are a lot of interesting places to satisfy your gastronomic cravings while in the city. [Read: 10 Must-Try Food in Davao and Where to Find Them]
  • Saging Repablik for their Savoury dishes, gigingka and banana chips
  • Lachi's for their laing, spicy asian chicken, unforgettable ribs,  sans rival and other sumptuous desserts
  • Tuna Pakfry at Palovince for their twice cooked tuna buntot called pakfry
  • Rekado Davao for their Kalderobo and other delicious Filipino comfort food
  • Davao Dencia's Restaurant for their lugaw and tokwa't baboy
  • Tiny Kitchen for their paella and paella negra
  • Luz Kinilaw for their grilled seafood - tuna panga, belly, bagaybay, etc
  • Malagos Garden for their famous goat cheese and chocolates

Feast on Davao Fruits
Kadawayan season is also the fruit season in Davao City. Different type of tropical fruits are available in the city at very cheap prices. Durian, mangosteen, marang, rambutan and lanzones are sold in the streets for as low as P30 per kilo (sometimes even less). If you want to feast on Davao Fruits, the best place to go is either in Magsaysay Park or in Bankerohan Public Market. [Read: Where to Stay in Davao Under P2,000]

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Zamboanga Hermosa Festival (Fiesta Pilar) is Zamboanga City's month-long festival celebrated in honor of the miraculous image of Our Lady of the Pillar at the legendary Fort Pilar. Zamboanga Hermosa Festival features street dancing, exhibits, trade fairs, regatta, and Mascota de Zamboanga. Here's the schedule of events and activities of Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2018. (Read: 50 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Zamboanga City)

Photo credit: Zamboanga Hermosa Facebook Page

Highlights of Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2018

Hermosa Festival Opening Salvo ft. Inter-Barangay Bandoreal Competition and Pink Parade
October 1, 3pm
City Coliseum, Tetuan

Mascota de Zamboanga Competition 2018
October 9, 7PM
Palacio del Sur

Regatta de Zamboanga 2018
October 10, 7AM
RT Lim Boulevard

Parade of Lights (Float Competition)
October 10, 6PM
Nunez Extension to City Hall Grounds

Zamboanga Hermosa Streetdance Competition & Fiesta Main Program
October 11, 8AM
Venue: TBA

Full schedule of events and activities of Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2018

Where to stay in Zamboanga? 

Recommended hotels to stay in Zamboanga City. Please click the name of the hotel below to check the rates and availability.
  1. Garden Orchid Hotel
  2. Grand Astoria Hotel
  3. Ever O Business Hotel
  4. City Inn Hotel
  5. Winzelle Suites
  6. Casa Canelar Pension