I went to Binondo today for a food trip organized by a co-member of Couchsurfing Manila. I slept a little early last night to make sure that I wake up early to be at the rendezvous on time. Well, I actually woke up early about 10 minutes past 7am enough to give me some time to freshen up and do some errands. Left at home about 9am thinking that there will be no traffic. To my dismay, the traffic was heavy going out from my place to the jeepney terminal. It took me 45 minutes instead of just about 15 minutes on a regular day. Come on, it was Saturday !!!

So there, I was late for about 30 minutes. The other CSers already went to the first resto. It was my first event for CS Manila so I didn’t know anyone yet. The members were so cool and I found them easy to mingle with.

It was a day full of fun and food! I love the Shanghai Fried Siopao! You should try it too!

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  1. Moonlit Ysay

    hello… 🙂 I just want to ask about couch-surfing, how did you become a member of it? 🙂

    anyways.. loving your post about Binondo foodtrip 🙂 take care!

  2. Glen

    @moonlit thank you for visiting my blog and its good to hear you like my post about our binondo foodtrip. If you want to join couch surfing please visit and register at http://www.couchsurfing.org. After you can join various groups depending on your location and interests.

  3. gelaikuting

    I've never been in Binondo…waa… My office mates and I are planning to go here… naexcite naman ako!

  4. Glen

    @gelai, i'm sure you'll enjoy the food trip in Binondo 🙂

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