Stayed just one night in Vigan and so the day, I headed to Laoag. It was already gloomy when O departed from Vigan and when I arrived in Laoag, it was raining cats and dogs. I arrived around 3pm and decide to just stay in my hotel room while hoping that the rain would stop soon.
Unfortunately the rain continued to pour and stopped when it was already dark. So there, my first day was spent watching TV and surfing the web. I stayed at Isabel Suites and it was comfortable. The room I had was small but it was clean and cozy so I enjoyed it. I paid P850 per night for a single room.

Almost all of my clothes were already dirty so I decided to have it washed and pressed at a nearby laundry shop. It was way cheaper compared to having it done in the hotel. The laundry shop was about 20 steps from the hotel so it was very convenient.

I was already feeling hungry so I looked at a nearby restaurant to eat. Actually Isabel Suites has a restaurant and Jollibbee was just beside the building I was looking for something else to eat. I decided to walked around and found Macy’s grill. The food I ordered tastes good although the serving was quite small. After, I went to a nearby supermarket to buy a bottle of mineral water and some snacks.

The day after I was again lazy to wake up early so I ended up leaving the hotel at around 11am. I walked around and visited the Laoag Museum and bell tower and the old church in the city. It was also convenient as they are just close to each other. Then I decided to go to Paoay to see the Paoay Church.

I planned to drop by at the Marcos Museum in Batac but the jeepney driver forgot to drop me so I decided to just go directly to Paoay.

The Paoy church really looked stunning and the clouds were also great so taking photos was amazing. There were not much people so the area was clear and ideal for photography session. Afterward, I had lunch at Herencia Cafe and had crispy dinuguan. It was a sumptuous lunch, though the only issue I had was the quality of service they provide. It took more than 30 minutes just to get my order. I had to get the attention of the servers to get my order. They were just chatting to each other and didn’t care much if I want to order.

After lunch, I went back to my hotel room in Laoag and took some rest. I was feeling tired so I jst sleep and stayed another night. Woke up early the following day and went to Pagudpud.

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