The Ruins at night
 I planned to leave Iloilo early in the morning but I ended up working in the morning so it wasn’t realized. My friends already left Iloilo so the decision what time to leave was all mine. I checked out the hotel past eleven in the morning and took a cab to the port. I was planning of taking the Weesam express as they have 12:15 trip to Bacolod but when I reached the port, I saw that Ocean Jet has a “libre balik” (free return) promo. Since Ocean Jet terminal was the closest from the gate, I decided to buy a ticket from them and did not bother to walk further as they have a ferry leaving by 12:45.
Ocean Jet passenger terminal
It was an hour and 15 minute travel. I did not do my research extensively so I did not have any idea how to go to Saltimbocca Inn. All I knew was the inn is located at Lacson Street. So I asked some locals in the terminal and told me to take a tricycle since it was just close from the port.
Right then and there I asked a tricycle driver if he could bring me to Lacson Street. He then talked to his colleague and talked in Hiligaynon (by the way I can understand the language a little bit). The driver asked his colleague how much would he charge and told him P30. Maybe he thought I did not understand it and he charged me P80. I immediately get out of the tricycle and told the driver how he overcharged me. Told him if that was the case I would just take a metered taxi. Then another tricycle driver told me he’ll bring me to my destination for P50 but I refused. I was already pissed off so I just waited for a taxi and took off. I was not surprised that I only paid P65 for a taxi ride. 
The Masskara
 I checked in immediately and decided to just stay in a fan room as I was already planning of leaving at 5:30 in the morning to catch up the ferry back to Iloilo at 6:30AM. The room was just right for a few hours stay. The inn and the room are pretty much clean. The rest room was just right beside my room so it was good.

I freshened up a little bit and went to Manokan Country to have my late lunch.  I asked around how to get there and a passer-by told me to take the Mandalangan jeepney which I did. I asked the lady beside me if she could tell me when it’s time to alight which she did. Manokan country is situated near SM City Bacolod. I was already hungry so I immediately ordered food. I saw two guys eating oyster so I also ordered one serving for appetizer. It was the first time I ate that huge oysters. It was fresh and yummy but because it was too many, I wasn’t able to finish it. Then I had the famous chicken inasal. Man that was yummy! It was the right food for my hungry tummy!
The Manokan Country where you get to taste the authentic Chicken Inasal
I did not waste time after lunch. I went straight to The Ruins since it’s the only place I was planning to visit in Bacolod. I initially planned of going to Mambukal Resort but due to time constraints, it was not realized. I took a jeep to Mandalangan and alighted at Robinsons Mall. If only I knew, I could have actually taken a jeep to Bata from Manokan Country. From Robinsons, I took another jeepney ride going to the Pepsi plant (the jeep was going to Bata). From Pepsi bottling plant, there were already tricycles going to the Ruins directly (special trip) or you can instruct the driver to drop you to the tricycle terminal going to the Ruins (cheaper way). I did the former since I did not know that the latter actually existed. 

The Ruins during the day
I arrived at The Ruins when the sun was still up and when I left, it was already dark. I read somewhere that The Ruins looks better during night and it was true. 
Inside and outside the Ruins
Tips: if you are traveling on a budget you can opt to ride a tricycle going to SM from the port. From SMyou can ride a jeepney going to Bata or Mandalangan and it will pass through Lacson Street. Alight at Fischer hotel, Saltimobacca is located in the street right across Fischer. Walk a little bit from the main road and you’ll find the place.
Going to The Ruins from Saltimbocca Inn is also easy. From the highway, take a jeepney to Bata then alight at the Pepsi Bottling Plant.


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  1. Oh gosh. How annoying it is to be welcomed by people who wanna rip you off when you arrive you somewhere. It was a good decision to took the cab, it's a more comfy ride pa.

  2. Glen

    You're right Gay. It pissed me off and at an instance I would just like to leave the place. But then again I realized it should not be a reason to ruin my side trip to Bacolod. So forgive and forget ang drama. Hahahha

  3. Lorraine Pal

    I've been hearing so much about THE RUINS. And I am so curious to see the place personally.

  4. Glen Santillan

    sayang di tayo nagkita nung nandun ako. overpriced pa singil sakin ng trike from port to lacson st.

  5. Glen Santillan

    Pal Raine, maganda dun make sure hapon ka mamasyal dun para makita mo sya na may sun pa at makita mo din sa gabi 🙂

  6. ricky bernardino

    Hi Glen, thank you for sharing this. The tips are really great I hope I won't get lost somewhere like you did ha ha ha ha anyway thank you so much, this will make my trip easier.

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