Sunday, October 7, 2012

Kish Island, Iran

Back in the mid 2000's when I first left the country to look for a job in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, I wasn't lucky enough to land a permanent and stable job immediately. My visa was only for two months and so imagine how pressured I was to get a job as soon as possible. 

I do not have a laptop and internet connection at home that time so my daily routine was to wake up before 7AM, buy a newspaper, list down the email addresses and fax numbers of prospective employers or companies, eat breakfast and go to an internet cafe to send out my CVs to the company emails I have collected. My finances are limited so I really do not really spend a lot of time in the internet cafe. After I send out my application, I immediately go back home, rest and wait until someone calls me for job interviews. This went on for a few days and weeks!

I received several calls and interviews from different companies, the problem was they offer really low salary since they know that I am on a visit visa and I am in need of a job. I refused a lot of offers hoping that I will land a good paying job soon. Unfortunately, it didn't happen. So, I decided to accept a job offer which pays quite a good salary but was not I was looking for at that time. The company was willing to provide me a visa but I was hesitant to give my passport as I was not ready to be with them for next months or years. So then, I decided to quit my job after almost a month. My visa was expiring so I had to go to a nearby island called Kish - IRAN. I visited this place for about 7 times since the next job I got was good but never provided me a working visa. The owner shouldered all my expenses when I need to have a visa run so I really did not complain and I like the job and the owner was so nice to me so I feel like it was all okey. 

I have a lot of good and bad stories to tell but I would just tell you when we meet someday... somewhere . 

I finally got a good paying job and they provided me a working visa. I had to go to Kish for the last time to change my visa from visit to working. Since, I knew it was the last visit, I made sure I would enjoy it. So I decided to tour the Island and went to visit its tourist spots.

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