Loboc River Cruise
I chartered a tricycle back to the Island City Mall. A jeep going to Loboc which passes Baclayon church was about to leave so I never wasted time waiting to fill the jeepney. After few minutes, I reached Baclayon Church and took photos of this historical church. I planned of visiting the blood compact site which is just few minutes ride from the church but I was hesitant since I need to be in Loboc for the 11AM river cruise. (Read: Cheap Places to Stay in Bohol)
The Baclayon Church
Took another jeepney ride going to Loboc and arrived just in time for the 11AM cruise but actually the sales lady kind of lied to me as the boat started cruising at 11:30 and the 11 AM cruise was with another company. I wished I had availed of the Riverwatch cruise as they have a bigger boat and they cruise longer than the Long River Cruise.

The river cruise experience was awesome and I would love to do it again. The food was just okay but the cruising experience itself was extraordinary.

After the cruise, I went near the Loboc church and took some photos of it while waiting for a bus going to Carmen.
Loboc Church
Bell Tower at Loboc Church
From Carmen, I took a van going to Tubigon. I was supposed to take a bus but I was kinda worried not to reach at Tubigon Port on time and miss the 4PM fast craft. I arrived in Tubigon at around 3:30PM only to find out that the 4PM schedule of Star Craft was cancelled so I had to get a ticket for the 5:15 ferry. Such an inconvenience but instead of ruining my day I decided to just do some photo shoot in the port. Finally the long wait was over, the boat departed Tubigon Port at 5:20.
Tubigon Port
Sunset at Tubigon Port
Arrived in Cebu an hour after, took a jeep from Cebu Pier 1 to Sugbutel, freshen up a bit and proceeded to the IT Park to meet some Cebu-based Pinoy Travel Bloggers. It was a long night full of funny and inspiring stories. 

Where to stay in Bohol? 
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Day 1 of Backpacking in Bohol : Cebu – Tubigon – Sagbayan – Carmen – Tagbilaran City
Day 2 of Backpacking in Bohol : Tagbilaran – Corella – Panglao – Tagbilaran

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  1. Ted Claudio

    Bohol is such a nice place to visit. Next to chocolate hills, i love the river cruise 🙂

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    I want to try this by January next year.. nice photos here!

  3. Jonas Labagala

    Me and my family also went to Bohol last 2008 for a whole day trip. It was fun despite the hot weather that we experienced. We visited old churches, the place where they had a blood compact and of course, the Chocolate Hills! I hope that we could visit Bohol again..

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    I've been reading a lot of good reviews about Bohol. I hope that we can go there someday. Wanna try yung river cruise nila. Super linis daw kasi dito 🙂

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