Friday, November 23, 2012

Postcard : Hungary

I started collecting postcards in 2006 and then for some reason I stopped. When I moved to Afghanistan, I left all my collections in Dubai hoping that I'll be able to come back to fetch them. Unfortunately, I was not able to come back in Dubai so I thought I already lost all of my collections.

Luckily, my ex-housemate kept all of them and after over 2 years, I finally got them back. Every week, I will be sharing all my postcard collections via this blog. I hope you will all like it. Here's the first one I got from Hungary.

“Hungary (Magyarország)  is a country in Central Europe. Member of the European Union and the Schengen Border-less Europe Agreement. The country offers many diverse destinations: relatively low mountains in the north-west, the Great Plain in the east, lakes and rivers of all sorts (including Balaton - the largest lake in Central Europe), and many beautiful small villages and hidden gems of cities. Top this off with Hungary's great accessibility in the middle of Europe, a vivid culture and economy, and you get a destination absolutely not worth missing if you're in the region”

Do you want to swap a postcard with me? Please drop me an email with complete name and address and I’ll send you a postcard from the Philippines.
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