Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day Trip to Valencia, Bukidnon

Plants for sale at the checkpoint in Lorega, Kitaotao, Bukidnon
Doi of the Traveling Feet and I decided to go to Bukidnon with no itinerary and basically no idea where to go and what to do. We took the Cagayan de Oro bound Rural Tours Bus from Ecoland terminal in Davao City. We initially thought that it will only take us 3 hours to reach Bukidnon and was surprised it was 5 hours. We were oblivious and literally lost but we managed to enjoy our day tour to Bukidnon through the help of Bukidnon-based travel bloggers - Earl of Suroy Pilipinas and Bon of Con Tour blog.

Here’s what we did:
Visited Lake Apo in Valencia City – we were initially hesitant to visit Lake Apo as a fellow blogger warned us that there was a recent incident of killing near the area. We asked a local resident and she confirmed the incident and told us the robbery/extortion is rampant and frequent in the area. She also told us that it is quite safe during the day. We left Valencia bus terminal and took a bus to Musuan Peak. Doi and I discussed whether to go there or not. We changed our initial decision and went to Dologon instead to catch a motorcycle ride to Lake Apo. It was a 30-minute ride. The road was rough and there were not too many houses along the way. 
A floating cottage for rent at Lake Apo
A closer look of the floating cottage
There were no other visitors when we arrived in Lake Apo and we started to capture some photographs of the place. The place was very quiet. There were cottages for rent but we opted not to take it as we are only planning to stay there for a short time. Some of the trees were uprooted during the typhoon Pablo.

Trees uprooted during typhoon Pablo

Visited the Musuan Peak – We were not able to trek to Musuan peak as it was so hot when we arrived back in Dologon. We had drink at Lantaw Musuan eatery and enjoyed the view of the Musuan Peak.
The Musuan Peak in Valencia Bukidnon
Meet-up with fellow travel blogger Earl – It was a very short notice, good thing Earl was in the town of Maramag during that day so we were able to meet him.
Earl, Glen, Doi (Photo credit to Doi)

Below are the other things to do in Bukidnon. We should have gone to these places if we had more time.
  •  Visit the tree Park in Malaybalay Bukidnon
  •   Explore the Transfiguration Chapel in Malaybalay
  •   Experience Dahilayan Adventure Park

Bus from Davao to Valencia (A/C) P330 – 5 hours
Bus from Valencia to Dologon (non-air) P15 – 10 Minutes
Chartered motorcycle fare from Dologon to Lake Apo (2-way) P220 – P30 Minutes
Bus from Dologon to Maramag (A/C) P60 – 30 Minutes
Bus from Maramag to Davao (A/C) P295 – 4.5 hours
Other expenses for breakfast, lunch and snacks.

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