Last February 18, 2013 Globe Telecom has unveiled another game-changing innovation through its “GoSakto” service. GoSakto gives power to the prepaid subscribers to create and customized their own promos based on their needs, budget and lifestyle. Basically, a subscriber can choose the type and number of call, SMS and data services they want and the duration of the promo be it just for the day, week or month. 

What’s good about GoSakto is subscribers can create their promo in not one but three ways; via the self-service menu *143#, the Globe website at, or the GoSakto Facebook App at And there’s more, GoSaktoeven allows subscribers to name their promo, as well as let their Facebook friends register to the same promo, creating a community of GoSakto users online. 

Truly, it is THE prepaid promo only from the leader in innovation – Globe. It is definitely smarter to be with Globe.


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