PHL50 has kicked-off with a day tour at the Banana Beach Resort, one of Hijo Plantation’s signature property. The Banana Beach is not an ordinary beach resort, in fact it is the only beach resort in the world conveniently located inside a banana plantation. In addition, it also offers a variety of of both land and water adventures so guests will have a lot of things and activities to do. Check rates and availability.

My visit to the Banana Beach has been a great experience as I have tried both their land and a little bit of their water adventures. When I was about to try kayaking, the rain started to pour real hard so I had to cancel the activity. Instead, I just relaxed, watched the children swimming and playing in the infinity pool and enjoyed the view of the resort from the restaurant. I seriously did not anticipate that it would rain that day as the sky was clear and it was already the beginning of summer. Nevertheless, I had so much fun doing all the activities like river cruising, fishing, touring the forest and taking photos of the Banana Beach property including their high-end heritage boutique hotel called as Lanikai. Oops, not to mention the gastronomically satisfying snacks and lunch served at the Spot and the banana beach restaurant. It was indeed worth it to start the epic journey at the Banana Beach.
The Amenities and Activities

The Casitas
The Banana Beach offers two-type of casitas that suit the guests needs and preference. For those who want to experience the fresh air all throughout the day and night – they have a non-airconditioned casitas available for overnight and day use. The other casitas have air-conditioned rooms.

The Al Fresco  Casitas

The air conditioned casitas

The Lanikai

For those who have bigger budgets and wants a little more luxurious vacation, you can stay at Lanikai – a heritage house turned into a boutique hotel. One can really have a peaceful vacation while staying at Lanikai. Great spot to unwind.

The indoor lobby area

The outdoor lobby

The infinity pool area

Artworks of Kublai in the lobby area

The entertainment area

One of the rooms
River Cruise
The river cruise was our first activity and I was very excited to do it and experience cruising the Madaum river. We chose to do it first since it  was high tide and it’s the best time to cruise since the color of the river turns into aquamarine. The boat was luxurious and comfortable. The view was amazing as you get a chance to see centuries old mangroves along the river. It is definitely one of the activities you should not miss while vacationing in the banana beach.

The Spot
The Spot is a place inside the Hijo property that offers guests the chance to catch fresh fish. It also offers 6 cottages and a restaurant where guest can relax and have their caught fishes cooked for free. I was really ecstatic when I caught a bangus (milk fish) in less than 5 minutes after throwing the fishing rod. We caught 3 bangus and we instructed the chef to deep fry the two and make a kinilaw (ceviche) out of the 3rd one. Our snacks was also served at the Spot restaurant and it was so yummy, not to mention the serving was really huge!

The Forest Tour
The Hijo plantation property is endowed with a thick forest with wild boars, long-tailed macaques and other wild animals located just minutes away from the Banana Beach. The monkeys have greeted us when we entered the forest. They have built a canopy walk so guest can have a better view of the forest. During typhoon Pablo over a hundred trees fell, luckily all the trees connecting the canopy walk were not uprooted.

Other activities:
Aside from the activities I mentioned above, the Banana beach resort also offers kayaking, banana boat, horseback riding, and Frisbee. I really wanted to try them all but due to heavy rains I have decided not to proceed and just come back in the future to experience the other activities.

The Entrance Fee
Entrance fee is P700 per head. All Davao del Norte and Compostella Valley residents get P200 off the regular rate. The entrance fees are consumable. 

Banana Beach Rates

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