I’ve learned my lesson from the previous day so I woke up early and head to the city proper to catch a jeepney to Gubat. Instead of going straight to Bulusan Natural Park, I decided to drop by an old church in Barcelona – the St. Joseph’s Church commonly known as the Barcelona Church. The church was built by the Spaniards in 1875.

After a short photo ops, I took a jeep going to the town of Bulusan where I transferred to another jeepney bound for Irosin which passes by the Bulusan Volcano Natural Park. The park is about 1.7 kilometers away from the highway. There were no tricycles so I decided to just walk. It was not bad after all as the road is covered with trees.

Barcelona Church

After about 20 minutes, I arrived in the park. I paid the entrance fee and went to the lakeside and started taking photos. The colors of the kayaks were very enticing. I wanted to try it but did not proceed. Instead, I just watched the other visitors kayaking.

The colorful kayaks

When I was walking back to the highway, I noticed that there were a number of people on the road. I went near them and found out that there was an accident. A motorcycle carrying a child dropped in the cliff. The road was wide so people were wondering how the driver missed it. I took photos and interviewed the people around (yes, I became an instant investigator, hahaha). After few minutes the Bulusan police has arrived. They investigated further and concluded that the driver fell asleep. 

Scene of the accident

I left the place and started walking ahead. Around 3 minutes, the police car passed by and the police officer asked me if I wanted a ride, of course I said yes. They offered to bring me back to the town proper but I told them I am going to Irosin so they can just drop me in the highway. They were really nice. I wish all the police officers in the Philippines are as nice as them.

After about 15 minutes the jeepney arrived and I proceeded to the town of Irosin. I initially planned of going to the Irosin Hotspring but I changed my mind the last minute and decided to just walk around the town and took some photos of Mt. Bulusan. 

View of Mt. Bulusan from the town of Irosin

Then, I head to the town of Juban to have a closer look at some of the old houses. There were not so many of them so I decided to leave the place and went back to Sorsogon City. 

An Old House in the Town of Juabn

While in the jeepney, I noticed a group of people flocking in a small snack bar eating halo-halo. I was thirsty and wanted to know why there were a lot of people in there. The halo-halo must be that tasty. I was right, it was the best halo halo I’ve tasted for only P30.

The Halo Halo with Cheese

After the halo halo treat, I bought a roasted chicken for dinner, went back to the hostel, ate, worked and slept. Day 11 was exhausting.

Hostel P300 (discounted by P50)
Trike (Hostel – City Proper) P8
Jeep (Sorsogon – Gubat) P25
Jeep (Gubat – Barcelona) P15
Jeep (Barcelona – Bulusan) P24
Jeep (Bulusan Town Proper – Lake Bulusan) P12
Entrance Fee at the National Park P20
Jeep (Lake Bulusan – Irosin) P15
Jeep (Irosin – Juban) P20
Jeep (Juban – Sorsogon City) P35
Snacks P20
Halo Halo P30
Dinner – P169
Trike (City proper – Hostel) P8

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