Day 12 of PHL 50 and I did not know what to do. I have been overstaying in Sorsogon City. I could have gone somewhere but I realized it will be good to do some beach bumming instead. I asked some friends where to go and they said to try going to Paguriran Beach.
Paguriran Beach
I left the hostel in the morning and planned of staying in Paguriran beach for the rest of the day. The jeepney terminal was just across the hostel so it was kinda easy to go there. I went to Bacon first and then took another jeep to Sawanga. I did not know where to take the jeep to Sawanga  so I asked an old lady and she answered back “bakit ka pupunta dun eh di mo pala alam” (you don’t know the place, why are you going there)? I had a mixed reaction, I should never asked an old lady again for a direction. She then asked me if I have a companion and I told her I am alone and she started preaching me saying that I should not travel alone and the Paguriran beach is not really nice and I should just go and see the hot spring in Irosin. She was about to tell me a story but the jeepney has arrived, I took the front seat and she was at the back. 
A blue starfish
I arrived in Paguriran beach around 11AM. It was low tide so the beach was not really at its best. The lagoon has a little water so I was not able to enjoy it. The beach was also rocky but I manage to find a good spot for swimming and bumming. I swam, I ate and I slept.

I left the beach around 3PM as I do not want to miss the last trip going back to Sorsogon City. It was a relaxing and refreshing day. The beach was not as good as I expected but I manage to have some fun.

Day 12 Expenses:
Hostel – P350
Lunch – P46
Jeepney Fare (Sorsogon – Bacon) P17
Jeepney Fare (Bacon – Paguriran) P30
Jeepney Fare (Paguriran – Sorsogon City) P47
Snacks – P25
Dinner – P65
Globe Load – P100

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