It is very difficult to come up with a list of your favorite travel blogs especially when you follow and read plenty of them. 
There are a number of Pinoy travel blogs I follow and regularly visits. Some of them are not on this list but I assure you they are equally great and useful as the ones on this list.
These blogs inspired me to travel more and write about my adventures and misadventures. Here are my Top 15 Travel Blogs for 2013 in no particular order:
  • Marcos’ Ambot-ah
  • Gael’s The Pinay Solo Backpacker
  • Mervin’s Pinoy Adventurista
  • Enrico’s Byahilo : Ito ang Trip Ko
  • Chyng’s No Spam, No Virus, No Kiddin’!
  • Josiah’s Lakas ng Trip
  • Angel’s Lakwatsero
  • Edcel’s SoloflightED
  • Ramil and Edgar’s Pinas Muna
  • Dom’s Eskapo
  • Gay’s Pinay Travel Junkie
  • James’ Journeying James
  • Doi’s The Travelling Feet
  • Lai’s Pinay Travelista

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This Post Has 13 Comments


    I look up to these guys as well! <3 Such an inspiration.

  2. Dong Ho

    wow! big thanks for including eskapo on your list!

  3. doi

    wow! thanks for including me Glen! ^_^

  4. Glen Santillan

    Right Shugah, these are awesome bloggers and you are too 🙂

  5. Glen Santillan

    Doisky, you deserved the spot. I learned a lot from you 🙂

  6. viene.taylor

    I also read these blogs.. Congratulations to them!

  7. Tsada Speaks

    I really like Ambot Ah! blog. His images on his travel says more than his words posted. 🙂

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