Everything you need to know about Surigao City : Where to Stay, Where to Eat, What to Do, How to Get There and Basic Phrases to Get You Started

The province of Surigao del Norte is covered with 12,540 miles of seawater and is abundant of different marine species. Surigao City, the provincial capital is dubbed as the City  of Island Adventures as it offers a variety of both island and water activities. Here’s your guide to to visiting Surigao City. (Read: 5 Must-Try Restaurants in Surigao City).

Where to Stay in Surigao City?

Le Chard Bed & Breakfast
Miami City Suites
One Hive Hotel
Surigao Tourist Inn
Hotel Tavern – 086 826-85666 | 086 231-7300 | 0918-963-6184
Philippine Gateway Hotel – 086 826-1283 | 086 826-1285
The Grand Suite – 086 826-6396 | 0939-9169548
Barton’s Bed and Breakfast – 086 826-8380 | 0927-2445929
E.Y. Miner Suites – 086 826-5440 | 086 231-9001
Aden Apartelle – 086 826-2532
Big Brother Hauz – 086 826-2625
DepEd/DRTC Pension House – 086 231-7516 | 086 826-8612
Dexter Pension – 086 232-7526 
Golden Mile Pension – 086 826-6127

Where to Eat in Surigao City?
Same Place 
Same Place is located at Amat corner Lopez Jaena St., Surigao City. It offers a wide variety of food choices mostly grilled stuff. 

Bastie Coffeeshop and Restaurant
Bastie Coffeeshop and Restaurant is located near the airport and offers affordable food variants. The ambiance is nice and the food serving is huge and tasty.

Marbie’s Store (Near Rose Beach)
If you want to taste Surigao’s local delicacy go to a store near the Mabua Pebble Beach in Barangay Ipil, it offers a wide variety of local kakanin like biko, sayongsong and a lot more.

Things To Do In Surigao City – Places to Visit

Surigaonon Heritage Center
Surigaonon Heritage Center is a museum of Surigaonons history and culture, containing mostly archaeological and mineral displays from Surigao Provinces. It is located near the Surigao Boulevard.

Mabua-Ipil Pebble Beach
The Mabua-Ipil Pebble beach is a kilometer-long stretch of multi-sized pebble beach with calm blue water. Towards the end of the beach is a a hill with 300 steps which offers a stunning view of the beach and sunset. It is about thirty minutes away from the city.
Mabua Pebble Beach

How to Get there : From the city, take a jeepney going to San Francisco and tell the driver that you are going to the Mabua Pebble Beach in Barangay Ipil. The driver should drop you near the little roundabout.  Fare is P20. Alternatively, you can charter a habal-habal from the city which will cost you around P100.

Looc Beach
Looc Beach is another lovely pebble beach located on the right side of the Mabua view deck.

Day-Asan Floating Village and Mangrove Forest
Day-Asan Floating Village and Mangrove Forest is dubbed as the “Little Venice” of Surigao as it showcases a narrow channels of water. It is both accessible by land or sea from the city which will take around 30 minutes to reach.

Day-Asan Village – Photo credit to my travel blogger friend Nathalie of My Wandering Soles

How to Get there : Day-asan is accessible by either land or sea. Habal-habal (motorcycles) are stationed near the city public market and fare is P25.00/pax. If you are traveling solo, you may have to pay more. If you prefer motorized boats, they can be found in the city wharf. More expensive than going by land but definitely more scenic.

Punta Baluarte
Punta Baluarte was used as an observatory post of the Spanish friars and later by the Japanese during World War II. It is an hour away from the city by pump boat.

Punta Bilar Dive Site
Punta Bilar Dive Site is located at the hear of the Punta Bilar marine sanctuary, a two-kilometer stretch of diverse marine life.
How to Get there : From the City (near the fruit stand market) you can take a multicab/jeepney with a Lipata Pier sign board. Punta Bilar is located next to the Lipata Port. The fare is P20. 

Silop Cave
Silop Cave is a cave system situated about 15 minutes away from the city.

San Pedro – Cantiasay Wooden Footbridge
The San Pedro – Cantiasay Wooden Footbridge is a 391-meter wooden footbridge which connects the villages of of San Pedro in Hanigad Island and Cantiasay in Nonoc Island. It is the longest footbridge in the country.
Cantiasay Bridge : Photo credit to my travel blogger friend Jeffrey of Traveling Morion

How to Get there : From the city center or the bus terminal, you need to take a tricycle going to the Boulevard. From there you can take a passenger boat that leaves Surigao City daily at 12:00 noon going to San Pedro Wharf. There is no boat that will depart on the same day from San Pedro so you will need to stay overnight in the Island. The next trip will be the following day at 8AM going back to Surigao City. If you want a day trip only, you may charter a boat from the Surigao Boulevard. Price may vary depending on your negotiation skills.

How to Go to Surigao from any point in the Philippines

By Air:
Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific Air have regular flights from Manila and Cebu.

By Sea:
Cokaliong Shipping Lines, TransAsia Shipping and 2GO have regular schedules to Surigao from Manila, Cebu, Maasin, Dapitan and other parts of Visayas and Mindanao.

By Land
Buses from Manila, Bicol region and Eastern Visayas have daily trips going to Surigao via ferry boat. Daily trips from any point in Mindanao going to Surigao are also available. Jump off points are usually  in Davao and Cagayan de Oro City. 

Basic Phrases in Surigaonon*
Good morning : Marajaw na buntag/hapon/gabi i.
Can you help me : Pwede ko nimo tabangan?
How much : Tagpila man ini?Can i get a discout : Pahangyo sab ko.Excuse me : Excuse me.Thank you : Salamat karadjaw.What is this/that : Uman ini/jaon?How do i get to (name of place)? : Unhon nako pagkadto sa (name of place)?
How far is (name of place)? : Uno man kalajo an (name of place)?
This is delicious! : Kalami ini!I love you. : Nahigugma ko dimo / nimo.Bye, see you soon. : Bye kita ra ta sunod.I dont understand. : Waya ko kasabot.

*Thank you to my travel blogger friend Nathalie of My Wandering Soles for the translation.

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