Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 19 of PHL50 : Visiting the Towns of Lucban and Tayabas in the Quezon Province


Here's what I did during the 19th day of PHL50 which includes itinerary, expenses and guide on how to get to the destinations/tourist attractions I have been to in Lucban and Tayabas.

A tour to the Quezon Province will not be complete without paying a visit to the towns of Lucban and Tayabas.

Again, it was my first time to visit the province so I do not know exactly how to get there. Good thing there is google and helpful locals who assisted me find my way. I left the hotel in the early morning and took a jeep going to the diversion road. From there, I took another jeepney going to to Lucban. I arrived in Lucban after over an hour and immediately visited the Lucban Church.

Interior of Lucban Church
After a visit to Lucban Church, I started my walking tour around the town and saw some heritage houses. After a short walking tour, I decided to head to Tayabas. I took a jeep and found myself in Tayabas in about 30 minutes. 

The first thing I did in Tayabas was to visit the Tayabas Church. It was really nice to see it up close for the first time. Due to the super hot weather, I decided to stay inside the church and rest for a bit.

I was already feeling hungry so I went to a nearby eatery to sample some of Quezon's local cuisines. I had their pancit habhab, longganisa and a cup of rice. It was a sumptuous lunch.

After lunch, I went to Calle Budin to buy some Budin (cassava cake), one of their most famous delicacies.
Bound for Manila I had to leave Lucena going to Manila on the same day so I hurried up. I checked out the hotel, took a bus and arrived in Paranaque after about 4 hours.

Jeepney (hotel-diversion-hotel) - P16
Jeep to Lucban - P30
Longganisa - P70
Jeep from Lucban to Tayabas - P20
Budin (cassava cake) P75
Lunch P70
Jeep from Tayabas to Lucena - P15
Bus from Lucena to Alabang - P180
Water - P15
Bus from Alabang to Bicutan - P15
Taxi from Bicutan bus stop to BLS - P100

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