It was a long bus ride from Pasay to Tuguegarao, good thing I was able to get some sleep while in the bus. I left Pasay around 7PM and arrived in Tuguegarao in the morning. I did not book any accommodation so the first thing I did was to find one. There were lodging houses near the Victory Liner bus terminal but when I asked them of their rates, they are quite expensive as they only offer accommodation on an hourly basis.

I already had an accommodation in mind as I did some research before coming in the city. I chartered a tricycle to bring me to Villa Blanca Hotel. I knew the driver has overcharged me but I was too tired to even negotiate so I took the trike for P50. 

I thought Villa Blanca offers a dormitory type accommodation as I saw it on their website, unfortunately you can only avail it if you are traveling with a group. So, I took the single room accommodation and took a rest thinking that I have two days to spend in Tuguegarao City. Pretty basic room, overpriced actually for a fan room, location wise and the quality of the room itself. I am not gonna stay in this hotel if I come back to Tuguegarao. I’d rather stay in the small lodges in the city center. There are rooms for only P700 or less with A/C.

After few hours, I woke up and went to the city center to taste their famous Pancit Batil Patung.I was supposed to eat Pancit Batil Patung at Jomar’s but unfortunately the restaurant was closed for renovation. So I walked under the scorching heat of the sun for almost an hour in one of the hottest places in the Philippines just to find a place to taste the local delicacy. The locals pointed me to Celia’s. I got excited when it was served but it tasted ordinary. Fail!

After lunch I visited the Metropolitan Cathedral of Tuguegarao also known as the Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul. It was only walking distance from where I was so I just walked and did not mind about the very hot weather. I took photos and then went back to the hotel thinking that I have another day to visit the Tumauini Church in Isabela Province.

After dinner I checked my itinerary only to find out that I must leave Tuguegarao the next day going to Sta. Ana, Cagayan. As much as I want to stay for another day in the city, my sponsor in Sta. Ana – Jotay Resort was already expecting me the next day so i had no other choice but to leave. I don’t want t make a bad impression to the owner of Jotay Resort. I knew it would be a long travel again so I called it off a night and slept quite early.

*This trip is made possible by Victory Liner. Victory Liner has multiple daily bus trips from Pasay to Tuguegarao.See below their bus schedule to Tuguegarao or visit their website at 

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  1. Manong Unyol

    tama ka sir napaka init at ang crowded dahil sa mga sasakyan ang daming tricycle, hehehe.. namimiss ko na kumain ng batil patung

  2. Glen Santillan

    oo nga at nakakalito pa ang transportation system lahat gusto chartered ang trike ride 🙁

  3. Hmmm… Yan nga po ang medyo problema sa Tugue… Mejo malakas managa ng presyo ang mga tricycle. Though you can haggle with them naman.

    Celia's pancit Batil Patung is indeed a fail. Itsura pa lang sir, hindi na mukhang batil patung… Yung pinakamasarap na batil batung na natikman ko ay hindi sa Tuguegarao kundi sa Tabuk at sa Bantay, Ilocos Sur… 🙂

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