The first time I visited the San Juanico Bridge was at night time so I wanted to revisit it during day time to capture another angle with the sun and the blue sky. I was right, its beauty during day time is so captivating. I was really glad I had another chance to visit and cross the San Juanico Bridge the second time around.

A Side Trip to the Town of Basey, Western Samar

We did not pan of going to Basey (pronounced as Basai) but when we saw the signage that it was only 12 kilometers, we decided to pay a visit. We noticed that the passenger vans going there from Tacloban were already full so we decided to talk to a habal-habal driver and he said he can take us there for P200. How is that possible? We told him it is only 12 kilometers and he is clearly overpricing. He does not want to negotiate so we back-off and decided to wait for a passenger jeepney to arrive. After few minutes, a jeepney has arrived but it was also full. We decided to take it and stayed at the top of it. It was just about 30 minutes ride from the Samar side of San Juanico Bridge.

My first “toploading” experience

We do not know what to see there, one thing that Nath knew was they make good mats in Basey. 

The Basey Chruch
We saw a stair from the place we alighted and it looked interesting so we walked up and saw the Basey Church also known as the St. Michael Church. I felt so happy when I saw a NHI marker. I did not know that there is actually an old church in the town. We took some photos and headed to the place where we can buy embroidered mats.

The Mats and other Souvenir Items
We asked around where we can buy quality mats and a local pointed us to the Bacayo’s mat store. We later found out from the local tourism staff that Delsa’s, the store across the Bacayo’s offers more mat options at a cheaper rate.

The Sohoton Cave
We are really interested to visit the Sohoton Cave but due to a very limited time, we were not able to do so. I had a chance to talk to the municipal tourism staff and she was very helpful in giving me the rates and what to see there:

Motorboat Rental – P1500 good for 5-7 persons
Guiding Fee – P350
Lighting – P300
Entrance Fee – P25 each for Locals and P200 for foreigners
Golden River Cruise permit fee – P50 each
SSA Operational Expenses (the group that maintains the place) 10% of the total group bill

She also mentioned that they can provide a guide for a cultural/heritage tour by request at a minimal fee. You may contact them at 0915-437-7188 or 055-2761471

Postcard courtesy of the Municipal Tourism Office of Basey, Western Samar

Expenses (Fares):
Jeepney Tacloban to San Juanico P12 (terminal near the public market)
Jeepney from the Samar side of San Juanico to Bassey – P15 (30 mins)
Van from Basey to Tacloban City – P30
Tricycle from Tacloban Terminal to Highness Pension (Chartered) P60

How to go to Basey, Western Samar
Mini buses, jeepneys and vans going to Basey from Tacloban are stationed in the Tacloban Bus Terminal. Fare ranges from P25-P30 and travel time is around one hour.

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  1. pumunta din ako dyan sa Bacayo, pero very limited ang items nila.. mas ok dun sa katapat nila sa side, mas madaming items at may makikita kang gumagawa ng banig… Yun nga yata yung Delsa 🙂

  2. Glen Santillan

    Onga eh, bare kasi ang facade sa Delsa's kaya di kami pumasok. anyway sa susunod nalang.

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