Halo-halo (Hodgepodge) is a Filipino favorite thirst quencher. It is popular in the whole country and is served in almost any places in the Philippines especially during summer season. It is being sold in restaurants and in the streets.

Aling Foping’s Durian Halo Halo
In Davao City, the most popular place to go for a halo-halo is at Aling Foping’s Halo-halo Atbp. They serve both traditional and durian halo-halo. The traditional halo-halo comes in two options, regular (P85) and special (P105). For both, you can choose six ingredients of your choice and a scoop of ice cream is added for the special halo-halo. The durian halo-halo (P105) on the other hand is composed of durian ice cream, durian jam, nata de coco and Pinipig. Of course, the shaved ice, evaporated milk and sugar are there as the main ingredients of a mouth-watering halo-halo.

Not all people like durian, it’s an acquired taste after all, so the durian halo-halo is an alternative to people who don’t want to try the fresh durian pulp but would like to know how it tastes like.  Trust me, it’s yummy! It’s one of the must-try food while in Davao City.

The staff are still using the manual ice shaver
Aling Foping’s Menu
Aling Foping’s Menu

I am looking forward to my next cup of halo-halo at Aling Foping’s.

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