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Restaurants in Baguio : Rasa Pura Singaporean Seafood Restaurant

It's the second year of Baguio Food Tour and one of the Baguio restaurants that we have visited was Rasa Pura Singaporean Seafood Restaurant. It's a new Asian restaurant which serves authentic Singaporean dishes. Singaporean Master Chef Joseph Teo brings the taste of Singapore in the city of Pines.

Rasa Pura is located at CM Recto corner Leonard Wood, Baguio City. It is very accessible and the building where it sits is new and chic. Once you enter the restaurant, you will immediately feel the good ambiance. We were greeted by friendly waiters and waitresses and we were guided to our reserved table.

We met the owners of the restaurant and we were told about how the restaurant  started in Baguio. After a couple of minutes, they started serving our food. We were served with our drinks then the appetizers, soup and followed by the main dishes which we enjoyed a lot.

Appetizer & Soup
For appetizer, we were served with the Traditional Singapore Cold Dish Platter (P1,200). It is a combination of different Singaporean cold dishes like prawn salad, fried egg with vegetables, century egg, and more. It is definitely a good dish to start a meal. I love how the different tastes blend in together.
Traditional Singapore Cold Dish Platter
The seafood tofu soup that they serve us was tasty. The quality and freshness of the seafood and tofu ingredients made the soup tastes perfect. 
Seafood tofu soup
Authentic  Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice (P350/half and P600 whole)
After the appetizer, they started serving the main dishes one after another. The first that was served was of course the Authentic  Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice. I must say, I missed it a lot since it was already two years when I had an authentic one in Singapore. I was very excited to have my first bite of the chicken rice and I was not disappointed. It tasted just the way I was expecting it to be.It is a simple dish which consists of poached chicken, steamed rice with ginger and three sets of condiments. The best way to eat it is to combine a portion of the condiments with the chicken then eat it with the served rice. I'm sure everyone likes chicken rice.
Authentic  Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice
Singapore Famous Satay (Pork BBQ) P40/stick
The next dish they served was their Singapore Famous Satay. Satay is actually a Malaysian dish of seasoned, skewered and grilled meat, served with peanut sauce. It is one of the most popular street foods in Asia. 
Singapore Famous Satay
Singapore Fried Hokkien Mee  (P190/P250/P300)
Singapore Fried Hokkien Mee is actually a combination of yellow noodles (pancit canton) and Vermicelli rice noodles mixed with prawns, pork and squid and garnished with calamansi and chives.. 

Singapore Fried Hokkien Mee
Steamed Pompano in Tausi (seasonal price) 
The steamed Pompano was one of my favorites among the dishes served. The fresh and tender fish meat made it more sumptuous.  With just a hint of salt and pepper for seasoning, black beans (tausi) sauce and garnished with generous amount of fried garlic, this steamed fish was light and brought out the full flavor of the sweet fish meat.
Steamed Pompano in Tausi
Kangkong in Spicy Singapore Shrimp Paste / Kangkong Sambal (P120/P200/P300)
Kangkong Sambal is basically made up of fresh kangkong and sambal belacan which is a combination of chili paste and shrimp paste. It is is a simple and healthy stir fried dish. 

Kangkong Sambal
Singaporean Chili Crab (seasonal price) 
The Singaporean Chili Crab was the star of the night. I believe it's one of the "must-eat" dishes in Singapore. The sweet and spicy sauce of the chili crab is a viand in itself which you can pair with rice or mantou. Like most fresh seafood dishes, the price of chilli crab depends on the market and the season. Sometimes it goes down and sometimes it goes up. There are only few restaurants in the Philippines that serve Singaporean Chili Crab and it can be expensive so you have to choose a restaurant that does it right. Rasa Pura is definitely one of the places your should visit if you want to try the authentic version of the chili crab.
Singaporean Chili Crab
Cereal Prawn (seasonal price) 
Another favorite of the group during our dinner at Rasa Pura was the Cereal Prawn. You'd think that the fusion of the breakfast cereal and savory prawns may be a little bit uncommon but if you'll try it, you will definitely like it. It's absolutely delicious! One of the must-try dish at Rasa Pura.
Cereal Prawn

As for the drinks, we ordered Singapore Ginger Milk Tea, Singapore Pull Tea (teh tarik) and Bandong. We all love our drinks.

Singapore Pull Tea
Undoubtedly one of the must-try restaurants in Baguio City. The food may be a little expensive compared to the other restaurants in the city of pines but trust me, their dishes will make your gastronomic experience in Baguio more memorable. 

Rasa Pura Singaprean Seafood Restaurant
Address: 42 CM Recto cor. Leonard Wood, 2600 Baguio City
Phone #: 0998 984 8158
Facebook Page:

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Disclosure: Rasa Pura is one of the partner-restaurants of #BaguioFoodTour2014.
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