The second stop of Metro Angeles Food Tour 2014 is at the Historic Camalig Restaurant. It is the home to the famous Armando’s Pizza. It is a heritage restaurant and one of the must-visit places in Angeles, Pampanga. 

Armando’s Pizza of the Historic Camalig Restaurant

The camalig (rice granary) was built in 1840 during the Spanish era by Don Ciriaco de Miranda, the town’s first mayor. It was later upgraded to its present form by Capitan Juan Nepomuceno, the town’s first post-colonial mayor. The Historic Camalig Restaurant is now an attraction to both locals and visitors wanting to have a glimpse of the past and taste its famous Armando’s pizza.

During our visit at the Historic Camalig Restaurant, we were able to taste some of their best-selling dishes. They served us with appetizers and their one-of-a-kind Kapampangan pizza. 

Sizzling Sisig (PHP 100.00 – 195.00 depending on the serving size)

Sisig is a Filipino favorite dish which is widely available in Pampanga. The Historic Camalig Restaurant has its own version of the famous sisig. Its version is a mixture of pig’s face, liver and a lot of onions which I really liked a lot. I am actually drooling while writing this post, hahaha. Seriously, it was delicious. It’s best eaten when still hot. Don’t forget to squeeze a lemon on it to make it more sumptuous.

Sizzling Sisig of the Historic Camalig Restaurant

Deep Fried Chicken Wings

Chicken is one of my comfort foods so no wonder I liked this dish. It is chicken wings marinated in special sauce and then deep-fried. It’s crispy and it has the right amount spices in it. You can even eat it without the sauce.

Deep Fried Chicken Wings of the Historic Camalig Restaurant

Armando’s Pizza (PHP 476 for 13″ pizza)

Armando’s Pizza is one of the signature pizzas of the Historic Camalig Restaurant. It is one of their best-sellers and is definitely a must-try. It has a thin crust with generous amount of toppings like pepperoni, ground beef, mushroom, bacon, green capsicum and lots of cheese.

Armandos’ Pizza of the Historic Camalig Restaurant

Doy’s Kapampangan Pizza (PHP 397 for 13″ pizza) 

This pizza is very new to me. The toppings are unique that you can’t find it in any restaurants. It’s really a Kapampangan Pizza. It has a thin crust topped with longganisa, ebun buru (salted duck eggs), onions and pickle relish. It may sound a little weird but when you have your first bite, you’ll want more. 

Doy’s Kapampangan Pizza of the Historic Camalig Restaurant

Marco’s 3-way Pizza (PHP 476 for 13″ pizza) 

This is another Filipino-style pizza. It has a thin crust and topped with some of Filipino favorite dishes – tinapa, tuyo, chicken adobo, kesong puti and sun-dried tomatoes. The toppings are definitely pinoy! Dining at the Historic Camalig Restaurant was a great experience because not only we have tasted their famous and must-try dishes but also we got a feel of the old camalig during the Spanish period. A combination of a great food and an interesting history. So, when you visit Angeles City, do not forget to drop by at the Historic Camalig Restaurant and enjoy their delectable food.

Marco’s 3-way Pizza of the Historic Camalig Restaurant

The Historic Camalig Restaurant 
Address: 292 Sto. Rosario Street, Angeles City, Pampanga 
Store Hours: Mon to Sat – 8:00 AM – 12:00 MN / Sun – 10:00 AM – 12:00 MN
Contact Numbers: (045) 888-1077 / (045) 322-5641 

Disclosure: Camalig Restaurant is one of the partner-establishments of #MetroAngelesFoodTour2014

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  1. rojanecruzz

    We’ve been there last month and I’ll can say that their Armando’s Pizza is the best among the pizza that I had eaten, it was really tasty and so delicious that you really want to take another set of order. By the way here are the restaurant that we visit, here is the website. Thank you!

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