Situated right at the heart of Davao City, Garden Oases Seafood Restaurant offers delectable dishes at very affordable prices. It’s a casual all-day dining restaurant that serves both local and international cuisines. The restaurant also offers signature dishes with a taste of Davao using the region’s tropical fruits like durian and mangosteen. 

Few days ago, I embarked on a gastronomic journey with some friends and sample some of the best dishes offered by Garden Oases. It was my first time to visit the restaurant so I was kinda oblivious what they are going to serve us. I was expecting it to be the usual food I find in Davao but I was surprised that they actually have dishes with local twists. Ms. Alice Cadao, Garden Oases and Ritz Hotel’s PR Manager explained that they are adding local fresh fruits to some of their dishes to make it stand out from the others. True enough, it did. I like how they add durian to a stuffed shrimp without sacrificing the overall taste of the dish. The durian taste was just enough and was not overpowering. I’m sure Davaoenos would love to have a bite of Dragon Ball D.

Dragon Ball D ( Durian Stuffed Shrimp with Fruit Salsa) P208

Another signature dish served was Dragon Ball X which uses Mangosteen as an additional flavor to the dish. Again, you’ll have a subtle taste of the fruit in the dish. I actually loved it. 

Dragon Ball X P208

They also served us with Fried Seaweed Roll with Crab Sticks and Japanese Siomai. The former is my personal favorite. I like the taste of the seaweed as it perfectly complements to the stuffing of the roll. 

Fried Seaweed Roll with Crab Sticks P185
Japanese Siomai P60

Another favorite is their Oases Fried Rice. It has a generous amount of veggies, slices of braised pork and chorizo. It’s definitely something you’ll enjoy even without any other viands. 

Oases Fried Rice P165

Some other dishes we tried are their Baby Back Ribs and Asian Lemon Chicken. The Baby Back Ribs was tender and juicy. The Lemon Chicken on the other hand was crispy on the outside and tender on the in inside. 

Baby Back Ribs P290
Asian Lemon Chicken

Aside from the appetizers and main courses, they also served us with snack items from their menu. These items and more are part of their Awesome Oases Deals. You’ll get up to 50% on selected items from 9AM to 11AM,  from 2PM to 5PM and from 8PM to 10PM everyday. 

Davao Burger P135/P99
Taco P100/P60
Carbonara P168/P84

For dessert, we’ve tried their mouth-watering Halo-Halo and Banana Split. 

Banana Split P120
Halo-Halo P120
Buko Halo-Halo P120

Garden Oases Seafood Restaurant

Porras St. Bo. Obrero, Davao City
Tel: 082-228-6885

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