The fear of getting lost while traveling across the country is all too real, especially for those who’ve never been outside of Manila. Sadly, even with many network now offering data services to those in the country, we’re all familiar with the issues regarding “unlimited” surfing rates not really being limitless, and it’s hard to completely rely on mobile internet to get information when you really need it. Luckily, for this and more, we have apps that have information stored locally on your device.

These apps have been made in recognition of how many people now rely on their smartphones in their day to day lives. AlchemyBet, owners of Pocket Fruity, have said that people have used their phones in the strangest of places, including in church or a place of worship, whilst driving or in the cinema, at a sporting event, in a class at school, at work or in a meeting, and even in a gym. Of course, not everyone has access to a data connection, and apps that can be used even when offline can be a godsend.

Triposo Inc. has created an app called the Philippines Travel Guide, available on both iTunes and Google Play, which gives users access to some great locations in some of the major cities of the Philippines. It doesn’t end with a simple list of places to go, however, as the app also comes with an interactive map that’s – you guessed it – available even when offline. Of course, this means that the app is a little on the large side, weighing in at about 158 MB. A little memory is a fair price to pay for a free app that lets you get around town without a data connection, though, so we don’t really mind.

What else can you do with this app? The question isn’t what you can do, but what you can’t. You can book hotels right from the app, and even book tables at some of the restaurants listed in your location. There’s a currency converter and a phrasebook for foreigners, a news feed and weather forecast that updates when you’re online, and even some background information on the Philippines that’s sure to prove useful when traveling around for the first time.

Triposo Inc.’s Philippines Travel Guide is as good as they come, and if you’re considering traveling outside of the country, they have apps dedicated for various other Asian countries as well.

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