The Philippines is now one of the emerging tourist destinations in Asia. The number of foreign nationals visiting the country is growing. Foreigners love our beaches, mountains and our people. Indeed, it’s more fun in the Philippines. Here’s another traveler who fell in love with The Philippines – Tommy Walker from the UK, the man behind The Wandering Walker blog. 

Tommy (in blue tank top) and his friends in Boracay

1. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

I’ve been travelling constantly away from where I’m from, England, for 3 years now. I now go by the name of The Wandering Walker. You can find my blog at or via my Facebook Page ‘ The Wandering Walker’.  For me travelling is freedom and I try to live that life everyday.

2. When did you first visit the Philippines?

I first visited back in January 2013 for a month and then again in May/June the same year.

3. Why did you choose The Philippines?

It was one of the countries at the time of my travels in SE Asia, where I thought, “wow that would be going beyond the plan and route”. It felt off the beaten track to me because I knew nothing of it, only mentions about paradise like islands.

Tommy in Boracay

4. What do you love most about the Philippines?

I just love the vibe and culture. The people are amazingly friendly and very loving. Not to mention Red Horse, Chicken Adobo and places like Boracay! Commercial but full of life and beauty.

5. Your top 3 destinations in the Philippines and why?

Banaue really does it for me. Seeing the pictures I knew I had to head there. It was as good as I expected. For me Banaue is a world away from the world.

Tommy in Banaue

Boracay is pretty cool. I know it’s mainstream but it’s got amazing beaches there and just an awesome little island. So much fun.


Oslob purely because of the Whale Sharks in the water, and also Tumalog waterfall. Amazing spots and Oslob apart from that is unheard of really.

Tommy in Oslob, Cebu

6. You have probably been to some Asian countries, what makes the Philippines stand out?

Honestly, the people again. I love the Filipino people’s vibe. It’s warming. Plus the Philippines isn’t as ran by or wandered with as many tourists as some places in Asia, it’s generally harder to get around which I like. It makes it worthwhile.
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***Photos were provided by Tommy Walker.

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