The Garden of Eden Restored or the Tamayong Prayer Mountain is the seat of Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, the Executive Pastor of The Kingdom of Jesus Christ The Name Above Every Name. Aside from its religious significance, it has now become one of the tourist attractions in Davao City.

The Garden of Eden Restored is an 8-hectare property located at the foothills of Mt. Apo in Tamayong, Calinan District. It was completed in 1999 after six months of 24-hour non-stop construction. It was completed in celebration of their Millennial Service, a gathering of the members of The Kingdom of Jesus Christ The Name Above Every Name at the turn of new millennium on December 31, 1999.

The main attraction of the property is the flowers planted in the entire vicinity. About 60% of the flowers were imported from all over the globe. Around 200 people are maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of the Prayer Mountain. In order to save cost, they grow their own nursery. They change the flowers once every two cycles to make sure that they always bloom. 

It is open to the public to visit but they limit the visitors to a hundred each day to maintain the relaxing ambiance of the place. You have to book in advance to go there. The entrance fee which basically goes to the maintenance of the place is only Php150.00.

For booking and reservation, you may contact: 
Office landline: 304-0647 or 234-2866 local 123 
Mobile No: 09163789619 (Globe) | 09491359173 (Smart) Fax: 234-7277 

How to Get There

From Davao City downtown proper, take Diversion Road going to Ulas or take the Mac Arthur Highway. From Ulas Junction (Mercury Drug), turn right and head to Mintal then Calinan. From Calinan Junction, turn left to Calinan Town Proper then proceed to the jeepney terminal. Take the Wangan Bridge right after the Calinan Jeepney Terminal. Go straight ahead from Wangan Bridge 2 going to Barangay Sirib. From Sirib, turn right going to Davao Pineapple Plantation. When in Barangay Cawayan, take the road going straight to Lower Tamayong (a big signage leading to the Covenant Mountain and Prayer Center is at Barangay Wangan intersection). From Tamayong Barangay Hall, turn left and go straight ahead up to the Covenant Mountain and Prayer Center’s Gate# 2.

If you decide to commute, you can either take a cab or ride a jeep to Tamayong then motorcycle to the Prayer mountain. The latter is a bit tricky as the jeepney trip going to Tamayong is infrequent.
Thank you to Richard Reyes of Sonshine Media for arranging this trip to the Garden of Eden Restored. Also thank you to Ms. Cristina San Pedro for showing us around the Prayer Mountain. 

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