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Top 10 Things To Do In Cebu

Cebu is one of the most frequently visited tourist destination in the country, thanks to its mesmerizing shoreline, excellent dishes and the overly friendly locals. The richness of their history and the beauty of the antiquity of the cities here is unparalleled by any province in the Philippines. This gives tourists plenty of things to do while they are in the province. To help you decide on what to do there, here are the top 10 things you should try while in Cebu. [Check out our list of top tourist spots in Cebu]

Top 10 Things To Do In Cebu
Top Tourist Spots in Cebu

1. Meet and greet with many creatures under the sea When it comes to diving, there are so many diving hotspots that you can choose from. Because Cebu is an island province, the possibility of discovering new species of marine animals and plants is very big. You can choose from more than 50 diving spots all around the province. Among the top choices are Capitancillo Island, Mactan Island and Kasantik.

2. See the Magellan Cross The arrival of Ferdinand Magellan in the Philippines marked the beginning of the Spanish occupation in the country. The Magellan cross is a very iconic structure in the country, as it signaled the conversion of the Filipinos to Christianity.

3. Pray and marvel at the Basilica Del Sto. Niño Speaking of Christianity, another epic infrastructure in the province is also highly visited because of its significance in the history of Christianity in the province and in the country. This church is dubbed as the oldest Catholic church in the Philippines. This church is located in Cebu city.

4. Savor the richness of the history of Cebu Cebu was the location of the first Spanish settlement in the Philippines. Cebu city, the capital of the province is the oldest city in the country. Because of this, Cebu is also filled with many stories from the past. There are many historical places you can visit like the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, the Taoist temple in Cebu City and the Fort San Pedro.

5. Stuff yourself with the delicacies of Cebu Philippines is well known for its variety of interesting dishes. In Cebu, you get to have a wide variety of food items that you can try, like those street food found in Barangay Tisa, the famous Lechon of Cebu, puto and sikwate found all over the cities in Cebu, and the many types of dried seafood.

6. Fall in love with the beautiful beaches White, black, and grey sand beaches, whatever color you prefer, you will surely be swept away by the shorelines of this province. You can check out the beaches in Bantayan Island, Camotes Island, Malapascua Island, Badian and Moalboal. 

7. Celebrate with the Cebuaños during the Sinulog Festival The Sinulog festival started way back in Spanish occupation. Legend has it that the festival started from a group of the vendors selling in front of the Augustinian Church of Cebu. Sinulog came from the word Sinug which is a prayer dance routine done in honor of the young Jesus Christ.

8. Swim with the beautiful and gentle giants of Oslob Oslob, Cebu is frequented by the Whale Sharks or Butandings. These breathtaking marine animals are well loved for their friendly behavior towards tourists. Most of the tourists say that seeing these creatures alone is definitely memorable.

The world’s finest wilderness lies beneath the waves 🐳 A photo posted by C Y R I E L L E (@cy.garcia) on Jul 16, 2016 at 6:04pm PDT
9. Take a picture in the sea of flowers
Not only do you enjoy marveling at the wondrous underwater world in Cebu, but you also get to take tons of pictures in the Celosia Flower Farm in Sirao, Cebu. The farm is planted with different colors of  “burlas” or celosia.

10.  Drop by the many souvenir shops for a take home gift for your friends and family Aside from taking tons and tons of pictures, don’t forget to bring home an item that will remind you of the beautiful province of Cebu. Take home an otap, dried mangoes, necklace made by the locals, keychains and even refrigerator magnet.

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