Applying for a Japan Tourist Visa is not as tedious as you might have thought. The process is easy as getting a Philippine passport, you just have to religiously follow what is in the guideline and in less than a week or so you will have your Japan Tourist visa and you’re good to go. [Read: Japan Embassy Accredited Travel Agencies in the Philippines]
Discovery Tour, Inc. is the only accredited agency in Davao that can process a Japan Visa. You may call or email them for further questions. Contact information is listed at the bottom of this post.  (Read: How To Maximize the Full Value of JR Pass?)

Recent info as of November 26, 2018 – there are now two embassy-accredited agencies in Davao: Discovery Tour, Inc. and Attic Tours Phils. Inc. [Check out our TOKYO TRAVEL GUIDE]

Japan Tourist Visa Requirement:

1. Passport 
  • validity of more than 6 mos. at the time of departure from Japan 
  • has at least 2 blank pages left 
  • with signature
2. Application Form 
3. Photo 
  • 4.5cm x 4.5cm or 2in x 2in with white background
  • Make sure you follow the right size to avoid delays in your application.
4. Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)issued Birth Certificate
  • If non-record in the PSA: Provide PSA Certificate of Non-Record with Birth Certificate from the Local Civil Registrar
  • In non-record in the PSA and LCR: Provide Certificate of Non-Record from the PSA and the LCR
  • If not clear/unreadable: Provide Birth Certificate from the LCR
  • If it has late registration label: Provide original Baptismal Certificate and certified true copy of Form 137 from Grade School or High School. Indicate the address and contact number of the church and school.
5. PSA Marriage Certificate (if married) 
  • If not clear/unreadable: Provide Marriage Certificate from the LCR
6. Guarantee Letter (if there’s any) 
  • Can be downloaded from the Japan Embassy website -must be printed on A4-sized bond paper
  • Download the Guarantee Letter in English here.
7. Bank Balance Certificate (original)
  • You can get this from your bank for a fee. Some banks release it in hours, some may take a day or two.
8. Philippine Income Tax Return (copy) 
  • Must be printed on A4-sized bond paper
  • If you are a freelancer and do not have an ITR, you may write a letter of explanation address to the Visa Releasing Officer like what I did. Sample below.
9. Itinerary 
  • Can be downloaded from the Japan Embassy website -must be printed on A4-sized bond paper. You may download it from here: Schedule of Stay Format
Additional Notes:
  • Additional Documents must be printed on A4-sized bond paper.
  • PSA and LCR documents are original and valid for 1 year.
  • For applicants who have been to Japan, include original old passport with used Japan visa. 
  • Handling fee is P1,500/applicant. Additional postage fee of P300.00 for non-Davao applicants. 
  • Office hours are Monday to Friday (9:00 am to 11:30 am; 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm) ; Saturday (9:00 am to 11:30 am).
The Visa Application Process
Once you have all the requirements, you may proceed to Discovery Tour to start processing your visa. You will have to pay the visa handling fee before they check your papers. Upon paying the associated fees, a staff from the agency will thoroughly check your requirements, if everything is good, you will be given a slip and he/she will advise you to wait for a call once the passport is returned from the embassy. A staff would normally say 15 days processing time but in actual it only takes a week or less. Visa approved? Time to go to Japan!

Discovery Tour, Inc. (DAVAO) 

Door 109 G/F Court View Inn Bldg. 
Quimpo Blvd. Cor. Sandawa Road, 
Davao City (Beside Ice Giants) 
284-4114 (Landline Sim)/285-7188 (Landline) 
0915-326-0111 (Globe) 0920-210-4677 (Smart) 0923-423-2207 (Sun)


Level 3, SM City Davao, Quimpo Blvd., Talomo Davao City


Sample Explanation Letter
Visa Processing Officer 
The Japanese Embassy Manila, Philippines 
Dear Sir/Ma’am: 
I am a Travel Blogger from Davao City, Philippines and I would like to explore more of Japan since I was only there for two days the last time I visited. One of the requirements is to produce an Income Tax Return, unfortunately, I do not have it as I work as a freelancer and just registered as a taxpayer earlier this year. In lieu of this requirement, I am submitting a copy of my Bureau of Internal Revenue registration. I work as a freelance contractor with Upwork and I have listed my details below so you may be able to check my profile. I have also attached a copy of my Certificate of Earnings issued by Upwork. 
I hope you will consider this document to grant my Visa Application. 
Sincerely yours, 
Name of Applicant

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