Inaul (inol) is a unique fabric manually and meticulously woven by Maguindanaon women weavers in Mindanao. It is a Maguindanaon word which literally translates to “weaved” in English.

DOT ARMM Secretary Ayesha Dilangalen and Inaul festival director DP Ampatuan 

Inaul is traditionally used as a “malong” but it is also considered as a “Bara-Bangsa”, a term that describes royalty, dignity, and nobility. In the past, the use of Inaul in Muslim Mindanao was a status symbol and worn with pride and respect.

The color of the Inaul fabric reflects the vibrant culture of Maguindanao. Each color used in weaving has its own meaning. Yellow and orange corresponds to royalty while red represents bravery. White as usual is the color of purity and speaks of grief and mourning. Green on the other hand, symbolizes peace and harmony. Black denotes nobility and dignity.

Today, Inaul becomes more popular and is no longer confined to “malong” and other traditional garments. The fabric of Maguindanao is now being made into dazzling modern outfits such as gowns, long and short sleeved shirts for men, trousers, accessories, among many others. 

Recently, fashionable and glamorous ball gowns made from Inaul were showcased by Miss Universe candidates at the Mindanao Tapestry show in Davao City.

With Inaul in the spotlight on the world stage, the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao gives honor to this regal fabric of Maguindanao along with the weavers who create them with the celebration of the first Inaul Festival sa Maguindanao on February 9-14, 2017.

Here are the Schedule of Activities:

February 9
6am-9am – Festival Parade, Municipal Grounds to Gym
9am-12nn – Opening Ceremony, Buluan Municipal Gym
1pm-5pm – Kapaginaul Competition, MWCPAC
1pm-5pm – Inaul Exhibit Opening, MWCPAC
1pm-5pm – Drum & Lyre Exhibition, Outside of Buluan Gym

February 10
8am-11:30am – Kapagangyas 2017, Buluan Municipal Gym
8am-5pm – Orientation on Event Organizing, Bed & Breakfast
1pm-5pm – Sagayan Dance Competition, Buluan Municipal Gym
6pm-10pm – Dayunday Exhibition, Inaul Expo

February 11
8am-11am – Rodeo, Pilot Elementary School Grounds
8am-12nn – Kategalan sa Maguindanao, Buluan Municipal Gym
4:30pm-6:30pm – Governor’s Cup Finals, Buluan Municipal Gym
7pm-11pm – A night with Moro Idols, Trade Expo Area

February 12
8am-12nn – Alugan sa Maguindanao, In front of MWCPAC
8am-4pm – Solo-Ethnic Musical Instrument & Kulintang Ensemble Competition, Trade Expo Area
6pm-11pm – Palamata nu Maguindanao 2017 Coronation Night, Buluan Municipal Gym

February 13
8am-12nn – Regata (Boat Race), Buluan Lake
8am-5pm – Inaul Forum, BBGM Function Hall
1pm-5pm – Sipa sa Manggis, In front of MWCPAC
6pm-11pm – Governor’s Night & Inaul Fashion Show, Buluan Municipal Gym

February 14
6am-4pm – Dindang sa Lalan Street Dance Competition & Showdown, Buluan Gym Field
6am-4pm – Float Design Competition, Buluan Gym Field
4pm-5pm – Awarding/Closing Ceremony, Buluan Gym Field
5pm-10pm – Run and Glow Rave Party, Buluan Gym Field

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