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Schedule of ferry trips from Batangas to Calapan and from Calapan to Batangas in the Philippines via FastCat, Montenegro, Starlite Ferries, and Besta Shipping. Last updated on 17 April 2024.

Calapan is the capital city of the province of Oriental Mindoro and serves as the gateway to the Oriental Mindoro province. The Calapan City Seaport is the largest and busiest seaport in Mindoro island with ships that travel to and from the Batangas City International Seaport. Calapan is about 45 minutes away from Batangas City. [Read: Top Tourist Spots in Oriental Mindoro

Batangas to Calapan Ferry Schedule and Fare Rates

If you are planning to go to Calapan, Bulalacao, Socorro, Pinamalayan, and even as far as San Jose in Occidental Mindoro, take the Batangas-Calapan route. [Check out our list of top tourist spots in Occidental Mindoro]

Here are the ferry schedule and fare rates from Batangas to Calapan and vice-versa.

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FastCat Batangas to Calapan Ferry Schedule

Operated by Archipelago Ferries Corporation (APFC), FastCat links the islands of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao through its catamaran Roll-on/Roll-off (RoRo) ferries. It connects Luzon and Visayas via Matnog, Sorsogon and Dapdap and San Isidro in Northern Samar. It also links Visayas and Mindanao via Lipata and Liloan Ports.

FastCat currently has a 6x daily roundtrip ferry service between Batangas and Calapan. The first trip from both Batangas and Calapan is at 12:00 am. The last trip is at 9:00 pm from both ports as well.

Batangas to Calapan

  • 12:00 am
  • 3:00 am
  • 7:00 am
  • 11:00 am
  • 3:00 pm
  • 9:00 pm

Calapan to Batangas

  • 12:00 am
  • 2:30 am
  • 6:00 am
  • 12:00 pm
  • 4:00 pm
  • 9:00 pm

The travel time is only 1.5 hours. [Check out our list of 18 Best Resorts in Batangas]

FastCat Passenger Fare

BUSINESS CLASSP 654P 523P 467P 327
ECONOMYP 540P 432P 386P 270

Vehicle Rates

BICYCLE (5)P 330
TRICYCLE (2.1 – 3 M)P 1,980
6W ELFP 4,620
8 WHEELERP 7,260
10 WHEELERP 7,920
BUSP 7,920
12 WHEELERP 8,580
14 WHEELERP 9,240
20 FOOTER  (22M)P 14,520
40 FOOTER  (38M)P 25,080
HEAVY EQUIP (15-20 TONS)P 24,600
HEAVY EQUIP (20-30 TONS)P 29,400

SuperCat Batangas to Calapan Ferry Schedule

SuperCat is one of the subsidiaries of Chelsea Logistics and Infrastructure Holdings Corp., one of the major shipping and logistics companies in the Philippines. Its other routes include Cebu to Bohol, Cebu to Ormoc, and Iloilo to Bacolod.

Calapan to Batangas

  • 7:30 am
  • 11:30 am
  • 3:30 pm

Batangas to Calapan

  • 9:30 am
  • 1:30 pm
  • 5:30 pm

SuperCat Passenger Fare

The Fare is Php600 in the economy section and Php850 in the business class. The travel time is an hour. You can book online below.

OceanJet Batangas to Calapan Ferry schedule

OceanJet is one of the established shipping companies in the Philippines. It offers fast and convenient ferry service from different islands across the Philippines. Some of its routes are Bacolod, Iloilo, Cebu, Dumaguete, Calapan, Batangas, and Siquijor.

Oceanjet has 4x daily ferry schedule between Calapan and Batangas. The first trip is 5:50 am from Calapan and 7:40 am from Batangas. The fare starts at Php600 in economy class.

Batangas to Calapan via OceanJet

Calapan to Batangas via OceanJet

OceanJet Passenger Fare

Fare: P600 in Tourist Class; P850 in Business Class
Travel time is only one hour.

Starlite Ferries Schedule from Batangas to Calapan / Calapan to Batangas

Recently acquired by Chelsea Logistics Holding Corp., Starlite Ferries is one of the leading movers of cargo and passengers in the Philippines, particularly between Luzon and the Visayas. It currently has a 14-member fleet, mostly roll-on/roll-off (RORO) vessels.

Starlite has 12x daily trips from Calapan to Batangas and Batangas to Calapan. It operates 24 hours with the first trip scheduled at 1:00 am and the last trip at 11:00 pm from both sides.

Batangas to Calapan via Starlite Ferries

  • 1:00 AM
  • 3:00 AM
  • 5:00 AM
  • 7:00 AM
  • 9:00 AM
  • 11:00 AM
  • 1:00 PM
  • 3:00 PM
  • 5:00 PM
  • 7:00 PM
  • 9:00 PM
  • 11:00 PM
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Calapan to Batangas via Starlite Ferries

  • 1:00 AM
  • 3:00 AM
  • 5:00 AM
  • 7:00 AM
  • 9:00 AM
  • 11:00 AM
  • 1:00 PM
  • 3:00 PM
  • 5:00 PM
  • 7:00 PM
  • 9:00 PM
  • 11:00 PM
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Regular – PHP 530
Student – PHP 424
Senior/PWD – PHP 378
Child (4-11) – PHP 265
Infant (1-3) – PHP 60

Regular – PHP 530
Student – PHP 424
Senior/PWD – PHP 378
Child (4-11) – PHP 265
Infant (1-3) – PHP 60

Regular – PHP 530
Student – PHP 424
Senior/PWD – PHP 378
Child (4-11) – PHP 265
Infant (1-3) – PHP 60

Vehicle Rates

Motorcycle – PHP 1,400
Below 3 meters – PHP 2,100
3 to 5.9 meters – PHP 3,250
6 to 6.9 meters – PHP 4,600
7 to 7.9 meters- PHP 5,300
8 to 8.9 meters- PHP 5,900
9 to 9.9 meters- PHP 6,700
10 to 10.9 meters- PHP 7,100
11 to 11.9 meters- PHP 7,800
12 to 12.9 meters- PHP 8,600
13 to 13.9 meters- PHP 9,800

Montenegro Batangas to Calapan Ferry Schedule

This is the latest Montenegro Batangas to Calapan ferry schedule for your reference. The first trip from both Batangas City and Calapan is at 12:00 MN. The last trip is 10:00 pm from Batangas City and 10:30 pm from Calapan.

With almost 60 vessels, Montenegro Shipping Lines is one of the major shipping companies in the Philippines offering both fast craft and Roll-on, Roll-off (RORO) service across the Philippines. It connects the islands of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. 

Batangas to Calapan City

  • 12:00 AM
  • 1:30 AM
  • 2:00 AM
  • 3:30 AM
  • 4:00 AM
  • 6:00 AM
  • 8:00 AM
  • 10:00 AM
  • 10:30 AM
  • 11:30 AM
  • 12:00 NN
  • 1:30 PM
  • 2:00 PM
  • 4:00 PM
  • 6:00 PM
  • 6:30 PM
  • 8:00 PM
  • 10:00 PM

Calapan to Batangas

  • 12:00 AM
  • 2:00 AM
  • 4:00 AM
  • 6:00 AM
  • 7:30 AM
  • 8:00 AM
  • 8:30 AM
  • 10:00 AM
  • 12:00 NN
  • 1:30 PM
  • 2:00 PM
  • 2:30 PM
  • 4:00 PM
  • 6:00 PM
  • 7:30 PM
  • 8:00 PM
  • 10:00 PM
  • 10:30 PM

You may contact Montenegro Shipping Lines at 0917 177 0679 in Batangas City and 0916 662 9916 in Calapan.

Passenger Fare

Regular: Php528
Student: Php422
PWD/Sr. Citizen: Php377

Vehicle Rates

*Driver is free of charge
**Driver and 2 helpers are free of charge

Bicycle – 324.00
Motorcycle – 1,296.00*
Private – 3,240.00*
6W – 5,832.00**
10W – 7,776.00**
20F – 14,256.00**
40F – 24,624.00**

Besta Shipping Lines (Baleno) Ferry Schedule from Batangas to Calapan

  • 12:30 AM
  • 2:30 AM
  • 6:30 AM
  • 7:30 AM
  • 9:30 AM
  • 12:30 PM
  • 3:30 PM
  • 5:30 PM
  • 7:30 PM
  • 9:30 PM

Super Shuttle Ferry Schedule from Batangas to Calapan

  • 5:15 AM
  • 5:15 PM

Have you tried taking this ferry service? How was your experience? Please let us know in the comment section below. Please take note that the schedule may change without prior notice, if you see any changes, please let us know to help our fellow travelers get the most accurate schedule. Thanks!

If you are traveling on a tight schedule, we highly recommend that you call the bus/ferry company to confirm the trip. If there is a typhoon signal in the area, ferry trips are automatically canceled.

To know the latest flight and ferry trip cancellations, click here.

Tourist Spots in Oriental Mindoro

  • Talipanan Beach
  • Bulalacao Island
  • Tukuran Falls
  • Tamaraw Beach
  • Mount Malasimbo
  • Mount Halcom
  • Muelle Cross
  • Buktot Beach

For more detailed information about these tourist spots in Mindoro, please check out our post: 10 Tourist Spots in Oriental Mindoro (And How to Get There)  



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