Monday, June 19, 2017

Bachelor Express Now Offers Non-Stop Trips to Mati and Butuan


Bachelor Express, Inc. (BEI) is now offering non-stop trips to Mati and Butuan from Davao City. Travel time has reduced significantly according the the BEI Inspector I talked to at the Davao City Overland Transport Terminal (DCOTT) in Ecoland. Travel time from Davao to Mati via Madaum is approximately 3-4 hours and from Davao to Butuan is around 6-7 hours. (Read: Davao City Overland Transport Terminal Bus Schedule)

It's a bit difficult to get the information. I have tried to call the BEI telephone number from morning to noon and nobody picks up the phone so I decided to go to Ecoland Terminal to get some info. I went to the DCOTT office first only to find out that they do not have an updated list of bus schedule. The "latest" they have is a list from 2015! I talked to the person in-charge and he said they have already requested for an updated list since last year but they have not received it yet from the bus company. Strange, right?

Anyway, I went to the terminal and asked an inspector from BEI and got the following schedule of trips for the non-stop trips to Mati and Butuan from Davao. I clarified the word "non-stop", he said it should only stop when there is an inspector and should not be picking up or dropping off passengers from other terminals. I never tried these non-stop service yet so I cannot attest to this. If you happen to be in one of these trips, please tell us your experience in the comment below.

Davao to Mati Non-Stop
Travel time: 3 hours
Fare: P240
Schedule of trips from Davao Ecoland Terminal:
Hourly from 5AM to 5PM
*Subject to change without prior notice

Davao to Butuan Non-Stop
Travel time: 6 hours
Fare: P600
Schedule of trips from Davao Ecoland Terminal: 
Every two hours 6AM to 12 midnight 
*Subject to change without prior notice

I tried to call the BEI office again to verify this information but again, nobody is picking up the phone. Will update this blog post once I get to talk to a personnel from BEI office.

Commuter Rex Imperial said that the non-stop buses from Butuan to Davao (and VV) do not have CR. The journey takes around 7 hours.

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