Kadayawan is one of the major festivals in the Philippines. It is a yearly event held every third week of August in Davao City. This year, Kadayawan Festival will be on August 14-20, 2017. Here’s the official calendar of events for this year’s Kadayawan sa Davao Festival. (Read: Things To Do In Davao During Kadayawan Season)

Pag-Abli sa Kadayawan (Festival Opening Ceremonies)
August 14, 4PM
Magsaysay Park
The festival will open with an ecumenical thanksgiving service for the year of blessing and bounty. To start of the celebration, the color and culture of the father tribes of Davao will be showcased through music and dance. (READ: 9 FREE Tourist Spots in Davao)

Kadayawan Village and Bantawan – Cultural Show
August 14-20
Magsaysay Park
The eleven tribal communities in Davao City, namely: Tagabawa, Klata, Ovu Manuvu, Ata Manuvu, Matigsalog, Maranao, Maguindanao, Tausug, Sama, Kagan, and Iranon – take center stage with their cultural pride and identity. A story told through a showcase of authentic lifestyle, performances, craft-making, ritual and costumes.

Habî Kadayawan
August 17, 5PM
SM Lanang Premier
Kadaywan-inspired professional fashion competition.

Subang Sinugdanan ug Panagtagbo (Fluvial Float Parade)
August 18, 7AM
Tionko Field
A celebratory restaging of the first Davao settlement along the Davao River participated by the eleven tribal communities in the city who will traverse and parade in river floats showcasing the bounty of blessings in harvest, arts and culture thus bringing to the fore the importance and imperative of conserving the river of life.
Dula Kadayawan (Tribal Games)
August 18, 7AM
Tionko Field
An exhibition and competition of Indigenous and Muslim people’s games.

Hiyas sa Kadayawan
August 18, 6PM
This is the prestigious search for the symbolic Festival Gem – the lass who, up until the present is knowledgeable of her indigenous culture and wisdom. Eleven young women from the respective distinguished tribes of Davao will be presented in their indigenous garbs, cultural performances and wit.

Kaondayawan (Food & Music)
August 18-20, 5PM
Palma Gil Street
Food street with nightly happenings and entertainment

Mugna Kadayawan (Doodle Competition)
August 18, 9AM-5PM
Magsaysay Park

Kadayawan-inspired art competition.

Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan
August 19, 7AM
Magsaysay Ave. to San Pedro Square
The Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan will showcase dance contingents from the different regions of Mindanao. A people’s celebration and merriment through choreographed and theatrical street-dancing completion anchored on indigenous traditions.

Tunog Kadayawan
August 19, 3PM
Abreeza Mall
Mindanaoan composers and songwriters will come together in a song writing competition showcasing their popular yet indigenous music compositions.

Sayaw Kadayawan
August 19, 10AM
SM City Davao – Annex
This is a competition of Mindanao myths, legends and folklores transformed into dance narratives by Mindanao-based dance groups.

Pamulak sa Kadayawan
August 20, 8AM
Magsaysay Ave. to San Pedro Square
The grand finale of the Kadayawan sa Davao Festival, the showcase of blooming and lush flora in a float parade and competition teeming with artistry as the floats impress the festival’s theme and blessings of bounty.

Pitik Kadayawan
August 20, 8AM
Magsaysay Ave. to San Pedro Square
One Vibe. One Beat. One Rhythm. A drumbeating competition that highlights the indigenous melody and beat of the diversified Davao tribes

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