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Good Shepherd Baguio Price List

Price list of your favorite pasalubong from the summer capital of the Philippines – Good Shepherd Baguio products.

A visit to Baguio is not complete without taking home some pasalubong like fruit preserves and fresh veggies. One of the top places to shop for pasalubong is the Mountain Maid Training Center, the sole distributor of Good Shepherd Baguio products. [Check out our Baguio Weekend Itinerary]

PRICE LIST: Good Shepherd Baguio Products
Ube Jam at Good Shepherd Baguio

Good Shepherd Baguio Products Price List

Good Shepherds’ Best Sellers

Ube Jam 12oz P350
Peanut Brittle 370g P185
Strawberry Jam 80zP225
Snow Balls 320g P210

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Can’t go to Baguio? Don’t worry, you can order online and you can enjoy these goodies from Baguio City. Just click the link below to order.

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Cashew Brittle 330g P295
Peanut Brittle 370g P185
Peanut Brittle no sugar 300g P190


Cashew Crunch 250g P260


Peanut Adobo Pack 300g P165
Peanut Adobo with skin 240g P135
Plain Toasted Cashew Nuts P275

Jams, Preserves & Spreads

Blueberry Jam with honey 8oz P250
Blueberry Jam 12oz P305
Dragon Fruit JamP165
Guava Jam 12oz P200
Guava Jelly 8oz P170
Mango Jam 8oz P165
Orange Marmalade 12oz P205
Orange Jelly 12ozP150
Peanut Butter 12oz P190
Santol Preserve 12oz P175
Strawberry Jam 12oz P280
Strawberry Jam (no sugar) 8oz P180
Ube Jam 12oz P230


Pickled Sayote 24oz P225
White Ube Jam at Good Shepherd Baguio


Sayote Chutney 12oz P180


Santol Champoy 200g P130
Sampaloc Candy P120
Sesame Strawberry Candy 100g P110


Alfajor 12pcs Caramel 340g P210
Angel Cookies jar w/ sugar 230g P180
Angel Cookies Jar no sugar 150g P170
Butter Cookies jar 200g P155
Butter Cookies Pack 100g P100
Choco Chips Oatmeal 250g P160
Hermits Cookies P185
Lengua de Gato 230g P185
Oatmeal Cookies Jar 200g P160
Oatmeal Cookies pack  100g P100
Chocolate Crinkles 280g P180
Snowballs 320g P210
Lemon Rosemary Cookies 200gP160


Benguet Coffee 200g P150
Ifugao Coffe 200g P150

Organic Products

Calamansi w/ HoneyP240
Salabat TeaP170
Turmeric Tea w/ LemongrassP170
Pure Turmeric 100gP200


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