Sunday, September 3, 2017

ZAMBOANGA HERMOSA FESTIVAL 2017 Schedule of Events and Activities


The Zamboanga Hermosa Festival also known as Fiesta Pilar is a month-long celebration of the City of Zamboanga held every October. The festival is celebrated in honor of the miraculous image of Our Lady of the Pillar at the legendary Fort Pilar. Zamboanga Hermosa Festival features street dancing, exhibits, trade fairs, regatta, and Mascota de Zamboanga. Here's the schedule of events and activities of Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2017. (Read: 50 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Zamboanga City)

Zamboanga Hermosa Festival Opening Salvo
ft. Inter-Barangay Bandoreal Competition and Pink Parade
October 1, 2017, 3PM, Sunday
Tetuan Central School to Mayor Vitaliano Agan Coliseum
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2017 Zamboanga Hermosa Festival Chess Tournament
October 1, 2017, Sunday CityMall Tetuan

22nd Little Princess Zamboanga 2017 
October 1, 2017, 4PM, Sunday
Astoria Plaza Ballroom, Grand Astoria Hotel

Cosechas de Zamboanga
October 1-15, 2017, Sunday
Plaza Pershing

Zamboanga Art Exhibit
October 2-8, 2017, Monday-Sunday
City Mall Tetuan

Hermosa Heritage Zone Walking Tour
October 2-11, 2017, Monday-Wednesday
City Tourism Office, Paseo del Mar

La Grand Procesion de la Santas Imagenes
October 2, 2017, 6PM, Monday
Ateneo de Zamboanga University Grounds to Fort Pilar

Novena Masses
October 3-11, Tuesday-Wednesday
Procession - 5AM, Cathedral to Shrine
Holy Mass - 6AM, 7:30PM, 6:30PM
Novena Mass - 5PM

4th Conferencia de Cultura y Artes de Zamboanga
October 3-4, 2017, 8AM-5PM, Tuesday-Wednesday
Centro Latino, Paseo del Mar

Pet Parade and Blessing
October 4, 2017, 8AM, Wednesday
Jardin de Maria Clara Lobregat, Pasonanca

1st Zamboanga Hermosa Invitational Judo Tournament (The Mayor's Cup)
October 5-9, 2017, 1PM, Thursday-Monday
WMSU Gymnasium

IIEE-ZAMBASULTA 5th Western Mindanao Regional Conference 
October 5-7, Thursday-Saturday
Garden Orchid Convention Center

1st Asao Lechon de Zamboanga Festival
October 5, 2017, 5PM, Thursday
Paseo del Mar

Miss Zamboanga 2017
October 5, 2017, 7PM, Thursday
Astoria Regency Convention Center, Pasonanca

1st Open Invitational La Hermosa Volleyball Tournament
October 7-7, 2017, 1PM, Friday-Saturday
Sta. Maria Covered Court

Zamboanga Open Invitational Bowling Tournament
October 6-8, 2017, Friday
Tebi and Sean Recreational Center 

1st Zamboanga Construction Exposition (ZAMCONEX)
October 6-8, 2017, Friday
Ground floor, Event Area, KCC Mall de Zamboanga

ZAMPEX 2017 (Zamboanga Peninsula Exposition 2017)
October 6-10, 2017, Friday-Tuesday
Madrid Hall, Palacio del Sur

ZamPen iCon (Zamboanga Peninsula Investment Conference)
October 6, 2017, Friday
Theater, Garden Orchid Hotel

Zamboanga Dancesport Competition
October 6, 2017, 1PM, Friday
City Coliseum

Noche de Bailes y Canciones
October 6, 2017, 7PM, Friday
Paseo del Mar Open Stage

FDAZ Fashion Show: TEJIDO 
October 6, 7PM, 2017, Friday
Astoria Regency Convention Center, Pasonanca

Copa del Alcalde Golf Tournament
October 7-8, 2017, Saturday-Sunday
Zamboanga Golf and Country Club

2nd Zamboanga Hermosa Festival Sepak Takraw Regu Men & Women Competition
October 7-8, 2017, Saturday-Sunday
UZ IHK Veterans Campus

3rd Zamboanga Mountain Ultramarathon 2017
October 7-8, 2017, Saturday-Sunday
Hacienda de Palmeras

Mi Ciudad Limpio y Floriao
Ocotber 7, 2017, Saturday, TBA

Zamboanga Hermosa Gymnastics Competition
October 7, 2017, 1PM, Saturday
Mayor Vitaliano Agan Coliseum

Hermosa Cheerleading Competition
October 7, 2017, 1PM, Saturday
Mayor Vitaliano Agan Coliseum

Original Chavacano Video Music Festival 2017
October 7, 2017, 7PM, Saturday
Centro Latino, Paseo del Mar

Regional Eliminations 12th Philippine Sudoku Super Challenge 
October 7, Saturday, KCC Mall de Zamboanga 

2017 Zamboanga's Top Model Search, The Mannequin
October 7, 2107, 7PM, Saturday
Royce Convention Center, Grand Astoria Hotel

2017 Zamboanga Hermosa Open Weightlifting Championships
October 8-9, 2017, Sunday-Monday
UZ IHK Veterans Campus

Color Blast Fun Run and Zumba
October 8, 2017, 4:30AM, Sunday
KCC Mall de Zamboanga Centor Pastoral Parking Area

Regatta de Zamboanga 2017
October 8, 2017, 7AM, Sunday, R.T. Lim Boulevard

Wow Sardinas Grand Boodle Fight
October 8, 2017, 11AM, Sunday, R.T. Lim Boulevard

Golpe de Zamboangue├▒o y Kebrahan na Zamboanga
October 8, 2017, 4PM, Sunday
Mayor Vitaliano Agan Coliseum

October 8, 2017, 1-7PM, Sunday
Centro Latino, Paseo del Mar

Mascota de Zamboanga Competition 2017
October 8, 2017, 7PM, Sunday
Garden Orchid Hotel Theater

Grand Zumba Party
October 9, 2017, 6PM, Monday
Paseo del Mar Open Stage

Zamboanga Hermosa Festival Queen 2017
October 9, 2017, 7PM, Monday
Astoria Plaza, Grand Astoria Hotel

Parade of Lights (Float Competition)
October 10, 2017, 6PM, Tuesday, San Jose Road to Paseo del Mar

Concierto na Ayuntamiento
October 10, 2017, 7PM, City Hall Grounds

Regional Consumer Conference (RECCON 2017)
October 10, 6PM, Tuesday, Garden Orchid Hotel Theater

Balik Zamboanga Night
October 10, 2017, 7PM, Wednesday, Patio Palmeras

Zamboanga Hermosa Streetdance Competition
and Fiesta Main Program
October 11, 2017, 1PM, Wednesday
City Fire Station to Paseo del Mar

Feast of Our Lady Of The Pillar
October 12, 2017, Thursday, Fort Pilar Shrine

2017 Regional Inter-school Taekwondo Championships
October 12-14, 2017, Thursday-Saturday
KCC Mall de Zamboanga

28th Hot Sands Ceremonials
October 12-14, 2017, Thursday-Saturday
Lutong Pinoy Resort

2017 Regional Inter-school Taekwondo Championships
October 12-14, 2017, Thursday-Saturday
KCC Mall de Zamboanga

2nd Hermosa Climb
October 14-15, 2017, 7PM, Saturday-Sunday
Tabu-Tabu Peak, Binalabag, Upper La Paz

Danza La Vida (Street Party)
October 14, 2017, 7PM, Saturday, Yubenco Tetuan

Silingan Seni (Artistic Neighbor) Visual Arts Festival
October 24-25, 2017, Tuesday-Wednesday
Ateneo de Zamboanga University

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