Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Backpacking in Maldives : Cheap Hotels in Maafushi Island


Maafushi is one of the most popular public islands in Maldives where tourists can visit and enjoy the beach life. It is located in Kaafu Atoll in the Province of Medhu Uthuru. The island has a thriving local economy mostly brought about by the rise of tourism activities in the island. Here's a list of cheap hotels to stay in Maafushi Island.

Cheap Hotels to Stay in Maafushi Island

Equator Beach Inn at Maafushi

Equator Beach Inn is by far one of the cheapest places to stay in Maafushi with an excellent rating on both Agoda and Booking.com. As a traveler, I always look at hotel ratings from other guests so I have an idea what to expect. Unfortunately, the guest house was overbooked so I was transferred to a nearby hotel which is less than 50 steps away. Check rates and availability.

Beachwood Hotel &Spa Maafushi

This is where I was transferred and I had a great time here. Not the cheapest but it is still affordable. They offer buffet breakfast and a good view of the island. They also have an indoor pool where you can have fun. Check rates and availability.

Velana Beach Maldives Maafushi

One of the most popular accommodations in the island is Velana. Good place to stay especially when you are sharing a room with a friend or family. This is closer to the nice beaches of Maafushi. Check rates and availability.

Kaani Village & Spa at Maafushi

Kaani is another popular accommodation in Maafushi Island. It is also located near the nice beaches of Maafushi and it has a pool, too. Check rates and availability.

Sun Tan Beach Hotel at Maafushi

If you want an accommodation near the ferry / speedboat terminal, then Sun Tan Beach Hotel is the perfect place for you. They are situated near the port and is close to the nice beaches of Maafushi. Check rates and availability.

See? You don't have to spend a lot to visit Maldives. You can enjoy the island while traveling on a budget. :)

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