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How to Apply for a Turkey Transit and Tourist Visa in the Philippines


This blog post is all bout getting a Turkey Transit / Tourist Visa in the Philippines specifically for Philippine passport holders without a valid US, UK and Schengen visa stamps on their passports. The Turkish Embassy in the Philippines only issues transit visas to seafarers, meaning, if you are a regular traveler with a long transit/layover in Istanbul or anywhere in Turkey, then you will still have to secure a tourist visa. Again, you need a tourist visa even if you are staying in Turkey for less than 24 hours. If you are not planning of going out of the airport, then there's no need to apply for a visa.

This is a sad reality I experienced. I did an in depth research but I did not encounter any information about this. The official website of the Turkish Embassy in the Philippines did not specify this certain requirement for getting a transit visa. I set-up an appointment in their website and it did not mention that a transit visa is only issued to seafarers. So, I was surprised when the secretary at the embassy informed me about it. I wasted my time. The only purpose I traveled from Davao to Manila was to secure a Turkey Transit Visa but it's beyond my control so I accepted it with open heart, LOL! 

I only have a 20-hour layover in Istanbul so instead of going back to Davao then back to Manila to secure the rest of the requirements to get a tourist visa, I decided to let it go. But, for you who are looking into getting a Turkish Tourist Visa, here's the process and requirements.

  1. Gather all the required documents: Passport, 2×2 Photo,  Hotel Reservations, Round Trip Airplane Tickets, Proof of Income (ITR, Employment Certificate, and Bank Certificate addressed to the Turkish Embassy Consul), Proof of Intent to Return to the Philippines such as Land Registry Certificates, Leave Approval Form from your HR and others that you think will help your application. You will also need to get a travel insurance. I got mine from World Nomads.
  2. For easy reference, group your documents into seven: Photo (scanned in jpeg) Original will be submitted to the embassy during appointment; Printed Application Form; Proof of income; Flight Reservations; Hotel Reservations; Intent to Return; and Travel Insurance.
  3. Visit www.visa.gov.tr and do an appointment of your visa application. Fill in the form and upload the scanned documents that you have prepared. Photo should be in jpeg file while the rest should be in pdf file.
  4. Confirm your appointment. The site will prompt you of your scheduled visit to the embassy. Make sure to print a copy because the security personnel of Dasmarinas Village may look for it.
  5. Make sure you have prepared all the hard copies of the required documents.Prepare USD60 or the equivalent in Philippine Peso. Also make sure you have extra Php150 for the shuttle fare to and from the Turkish Embassy.
  6. Appointment Day. The shuttle service is every 30 minutes so make sure you are at the Dasmarinas Village gate early. The embassy is not so strict about the appointment time so do not worry if you are a little late.
  7. The entrance is near the Magallanes MRT Station in the Alphaland side. Inform the guard on duty that you are going to the Turkish Embassy. You will need to log your name and leave a valid ID. Ride the shuttle. It will stop in the admin building where you need to pay Php150 for the transportation cost. The driver will inform you if you reach the Turkish Embassy. The shuttle also goes to the other embassies inside the village.
  8. Click the doorbell at the Embassy gate, then log your name again and leave your bag and cellphone at the guard station.
  9. Enter the embassy and someone will assist you from there. He will call your attention once the secretary is ready to entertain you. 
  • Duly completed Application Form with (2) photograph. (Photo size should be about 2 x 2 inches (5 x 5 cm) square with white background.  Do not staple or glue the photo to the application form. Please make sure it is not damaged)
  • Original Passport – valid for 6 months prior to departure and photocopy of the first 2 pages of the passport (Kindly attach old passport)
  • Certificate of Employment including applicant’s position, working record and monthly/annual income;
  • Individual Latest Income Tax Return
  • Company Latest Income Tax Return if travel is company’s expense;
  • Original Copy of NSO Birth Certificate
  • FOR BUSINESSMAN/WOMAN – Company Business Registration such as SEC and DTI
  • Original Bank Deposit Certificate addressed to the Embassy  and Passbook;
  • If Invited by:
  • Government or Private Sector and International Companies or Institutions holding office in Turkey – Original Invitation Letter addressed to the Embassy
  • Turkish National – Original Invitation Letter should be notarized in Turkey, Affidavit of support and pertinent credentials of the invitee together with the Turkish I.D’s and other supporting documents.
  • Hotel Accommodation Booking Certificate. Recommended Hotels in Istanbul.
  • Itinerary Flight Details
  • Travel Insurance
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