You are currently viewing 2023 Cebu to Leyte Boat Schedule and Fare Rates
Cebu to Leyte Boat Schedule and Fare Rates

Schedule of boat trips from Cebu to Ormoc, Baybay, Bato, Hilongos, and Palompon. Updated as of March 6, 2023.

Traveling to Leyte from Cebu and vice-versa is quite easy. There are a number of boats that sail between Cebu and some coastal towns of Leyte such as Ormoc, Baybay, Bato, Hilongos, Hindang, and Palompon. If you are looking for the Cebu-Ormoc boat schedule, click here. For Cebu-Maasin, visit here and for Cebu-Palompon, click here. [Read: Canigao Island Travel Guide]

Roble Shipping, Inc. Boat Schedule from Cebu to Baybay, Leyte and Baybay to Cebu

This route is currently UNAVAILABLE.

Cebu To Baybay
Baybay To Cebu

Passenger Fare Rates

AccommodationRegular FareMinor (-50%)Senior & PWD 12% VAT + 20%Student (-15%)
EconomyP 340.00P 170.00P 243.00P 289.00
Tourist ClassP 470.00P 235.00P 335.75P 399.50
Deluxe SittingP 350.00P 175.00P 250.00P 297.50
Deluxe LyingP 385.00P 192.50P 275.00P 327.50
Cabin A (1pax)P 1,600.00Not EligibleP 1,143.00Not Eligible
Cabin B (2pax)P 1,300.00Not EligibleP 928.75Not Eligible
SittingP 310.00Not EligibleP 221.50P 263.50
Cabin 1 (6pax)P 740.00P 370.00P 528.75Not Eligible
Cabin 2 (8pax)P 740.00P 370.00P 528.75Not Eligible
Cabin 3 (8pax)P 740.00P 370.00P 528.75Not Eligible
VIP (2PAX)P 2,000.00Not EligibleP 1,428.75Not Eligible

The fare is Php340 in the economy; Php470 in Tourist; and Php740 in Cabin.

Roble Shipping Contact Details

You may contact ROBLE SHIPPING AT: (032) 419-1190 to 95 & (032) 260-1921 to 23

Boat Schedule from Cebu to Hilongos and Hilongos to Cebu via Roble Shipping, Inc. 

Cebu to Hilongos Ferry Schedule

Daily at 9:00 PM | Additional schedule on Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays at 11:00 am

Hilongos to Cebu Boat Schedule

Daily at 10:00 PM | Additional schedule on Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays at 11:00 am

Passenger Fare Rates

AccommodationRegular FareMinor (-50%)Student (-20%)Senior & PWD -12% VAT + 20%
EconomyP 480.00P 240.00P 384.00P 343.00
Tourist ClassP 680.00P 340.00P 544.00P 485.75
SittingP 430.00P 215.00P 344.00P 307.25
Executive AP 2,450.00Not EligibleP 1,960.00P 1,750.00
Executive BP 2,450.00Not EligibleP 1,960.00P 1,750.00
Cabin 1P 1,245.00P 632.50P 996.60P 889.50
Cabin 2P 1,245.00P 632.50P 996.60P 889.50
Cabin 3P 1,245.00P 632.50P 996.60P 889.50
VIPP 2,650.00Not EligibleP 2,120.00P 1,893.00

Schedule of ferry trips between Cebu and Hilongos via MV Superjoy Fastcraft

This is currently not in service.

Cebu to Hilongos
Hilongos to Cebu

AccommodationRegular FareMinor (-50%)Sr Citizen (-20%)Student (-15%)Round-Trip Discount (-20%)
Tourist (aircon)P 650.00P 464.50P 552.50P 325.00P 520.00
EconomyP 550.00P 393.00P 467.50P 275.00P 440.00

Schedule of ferry trips between Cebu and Baybay via MV Superjoy Fastcraft

This is currently not in service.

Cebu to Baybay :
Baybay to Cebu :

AccommodationRegular FareMinor (-50%)Sr Citizen (-20%)Student (-15%)Round-Trip Discount (-20%)
Tourist (aircon)P 680.00P 485.75P 578.00P 340.00P 544.00
EconomyP 580.00P 414.50P 493.00P 290.00P 464.00

We received comments from travelers that MV Superjoy Fastcraft is currently NOT operational due to maintenance. Please call Roble Shipping at (032) 260-1921 to 23 to check the status. If you have any updates, please mention in the comments below. Thanks!

Medallion Shipping Ferry schedule from Cebu to Bato, Leyte and Bato to Cebu

This is currently not operational

Cebu to Bato, Leyte Ferry Schedule

Bato, Leyte to Cebu Ferry Schedule


Passenger Fare Rates


Medallion Transport Inc. Contact Number

  • Telephone: (032) 416-6300 / (032) 412-1121
  • Mobile: 0915-536-8865 / 0942-984-9302 / 0922-413-6552

Boat schedule from Labogon, Cebu to Hindang, Leyte and Hindang to Labogon via Goldenbridge Shipping

Labogon to Hindang boat scheduleHindang to Labogon boat schedule
10:00 AM1:00 AM
5:00 PM10:00 PM

Goldenbridge Shipping Contact Details

For fare rates and inquiries please contact Goldenbridge Shipping at 0925 741 5729 (Labogon) or at 0923 913 4497 (Hindang).

Have you tried taking this ferry service? How was your experience? Please let us know in the comment section below. Please take note that the schedule may change without prior notice, if you see any changes, please let us know to help our fellow travelers get the most accurate schedule. Thanks!

If you are traveling on a tight schedule, we highly recommend that you call the bus/ferry company to confirm the trip. If there is a typhoon signal in the area, ferry trips are automatically canceled.

To know the latest flight and ferry trip cancellations, click here.


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  1. Bryan

    Anong barko po ang pwede isakay ang kotse? At schedule po? Salamat

    1. Kim

      Hi Bryan, you can check out any roro vessel or roble, medallion also accept vehicles. Rate would depend on the type of vehicle. Im also driving my car but via Danao to Isabel, thru EB Aznar shipping, for 2600 (sportivo SUV)

  2. Makoy

    Ilan oras ang cebu to baybay via fastcraft?

  3. Lita Capiones

    Maayong gabie.Ahm…,unsang pier # ang roble goin Hilongos-Cebu/Cebu-Hilongos…?

  4. Gordon

    We have tried many times to contact roble shipping by phone they have not answer all the numbers they supplied
    Its very dissapointing

    1. Ki

      Hi, Gordon! where are you traveling from? Cebu?

  5. Andrew Moore

    Anyone know how long the trip takes from Cebu to baybay MV Superjoy fastcraft roble?

  6. Does anyone know if the Superjoy to Hilongos running as per schedule? The website says it is under maintenance.

  7. Elisha

    I just called Roble Shipping today (09/06/2019) about Cebu to Hilongos fastcraft schedule and their MV SuperJoy is under maintenance, until further notice.

  8. nicholsonirene

    Thank you!! But not knowing the area, I will be travelling from Cebu to Sogod Bay to Peter’s Diving. What is the best way to do it now that WeeSam’s ferry ( I called them)
    and MV Superjoy both not in service? Which is the best port on Leyte to arrive at to travel further on the bus? This is all quite complicated!

  9. Rod

    How long is the trip from Danao to Isabel?

  10. Joseph

    Sir ma’am good day kaylan po ang schedule ng barko cebu to ormoc
    Magkano po din Yong price rate

  11. Joseph

    Sa mattes po ano available na ship pa ormoc???

    1. escapemanila

      Wala po since MECQ ang Cebu City.

  12. Twin_sky

    Hello, naa nay schedule byahe Cebu to Baybay? Naay pang adlaw nga oras? Salamat sir/maam..



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