Coron is slowly becoming popular amongst travelers who wanted complete nature experience. Located in the north part of Palawan and has just recently became known to travelers, Coron is still less crowded. This simply means there is also less chance of meeting new people and travelers like yourself. It is also less spoiled than every other island in South East Asia hence it will look more amazing in photos which will make your friends wonder if it is real. [Read: Best Luxury Resorts in Palawan]
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If Coron is one of the places in your bucket list, then you might just want to crash it out and just forget ever visiting the place. Here, we will give you five strong reasons why it is best to ditch this so-called-unspoiled island of Palawan. [Read: Coron to El Nido Boat Schedule]

So why is Coron not worth visiting?

1. Mt. Tapyas
Comfort should always be one’s top priority whether in choosing clothes to wear, place to dine, and even place to visit. In such case, why then would you want to take a hike up Mt. Tapyas to have the gorgeous view island? Climbing a set of stairs that stretches 210-meters in to the clouds just to see the island’s view is simply exhausting. Moreover, as you make your way to the top, you will get to pass a lot of tired travelers, who are with smiles on their faces. Just imagine meeting the supposed love-of-your-life on top of Mt. Tapyas, with view overlooking the small villages of Coron as well as the islands surrounding it, while you are all tired and sweaty from all that climbing. Totally unattractive and definitely unromantic. [Check out our list of Hotels, Resorts, Inns, & Pension Houses in Coron]
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2. Twin Lagoons
Mainstream is good, unique is bad, and visiting twin lagoons will give you a one-of-a-kind experience which is of course, bad. Posting photos from twin lagoons will certainly encourage people to follow you on Instagram and more followers means more pressure to live their expectations that you will post more photos of your travels when you visit instagrammable places. You will not want that. 
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Twin lagoons which is also called the “hidden lagoons”, are actually two small lakes that have been created inside limestone cliffs and are fed by blue ocean water nearby. The surface of the water lays below a gorgeous limestone archway during low tides. This allows one to swim through it in order to go to the other lagoon. As one swims to cross to the other side, he will pass through several warm and cold spots that adds to the strangely wonderful experience. Why wish to experience something strange when you can simply have a regular beach experience. 
3. Underwater Mountains in Barracuda Lake
Familiar is always good. These underwater rock formations are set in an inland lake is one of the mysterious thins in Coron that you certainly would not want to see. Coron is already weird as it is with its unspoiled beaches and pristine waters, and now it has been made weirder with these crazy rock formations.
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Barracuda Lake is not really an awesome dive spot where one whiz around the underwater mountains, one does not also get to swim through salt and freshwaters nor hit water patches that sometimes reaches nearly 40 degrees Celsius. 
Barracuda Lake is just one of a kind dive spot in the world, which is unfamiliar thus making it a scary place to dive into. 
4. Malcapuya Beach
Exploring Coron usually takes a lot of boat rides which is exhausting and boring. In fact, one of the stunning beaches you can visit via short boat ride from Coron Town is the Malcapuya Beach. 
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This beach has few small hotels thus you have the perfect stretch of stand to yourself. Your photos will be of white sand and bright blue and green waters without people making it dull and uninteresting much like photos from your backyard.
5. Kayangan Lake
Swimming is the major activity in Coron. Even inland, Coron gives its visitors a place to swim into. Just imagine swimming in a lake situated in the middle of the forest, sounds cool, yes? However, imagine that before you can swim on this gorgeous lake, you will need to take a 15-minute hike up 300 flights of stairs, still think it’s cool? Why would one need to put much effort just to take a dip in a lake, right?
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Kayangan lake is magnificent with a shore that one can wade in. The lake also suddenly drops off in a deeper swimming pool. It has 70% freshwater and 30% salt water which is believed to be inhabited by spiritual beings thus it is the spot where locals conduct spiritual rituals. Why then would you want to visit a place inhabited by spirits?
Still think Coron is one of the best place to go? Hopefully this article was able to give you a glimpse of what to expect from Coron, Palawan. If this is not enough to make you change your mind from spending thousands for a plane ticket to Coron, we, then can simply hope that you will not regret your experience in the said majestic island of Palawan. 
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