Are you an adventurer who’s searching for your next great escapade? The Philippines offers various tourist attractions, and Samar is one of the places that you should definitely visit. In the Municipality of Paranas, you can go on the ultimate adrenaline rush ride: the Ulot Torpedo Boat Extreme Ride

Ulot Torpedo Boat Extreme Boat Ride | Photo Courtesy of Spark Samar

The name of the ride will surely spark the interest of any traveler and will leave you wondering why an ‘extreme ride’ is the way to go cruising along Samar’s longest river. For those concerned with their safety, the Ulot Watershed Model Forest (UWMF) supervises the rides, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Ulot Torpedo Boat Extreme Boat Ride | Photo Courtesy of Spark Samar

This tourist site recently won 1st place in the Best Practices on Community-Based Responsible Tourism (Community-Based Tourism Enterprise) category of the Association of Tourism Officers in the Philippines – Department of Tourism (ATOP – DOT) Pearl Awards. 

Ulot Torpedo Boat Extreme Boat Ride | Photo Courtesy of Spark Samar

The award itself is a reason to check out the Ulot river. If you want to know more about this awesome adventure ride, here are the reasons why you should put the Ulot Torpedo Boat Extreme Ride on your bucket list. 

  • You’ll get to see amazing scenery
Riding on the motorboat will let you appreciate the beauty of nature around you. Paranas doesn’t attract as many visitors as the other areas, so it’ll feel less crowded. If you’re looking for a getaway where you’ll get to take a break from your busy city life and in the sanctuary of nature, this place is for you. You’ll get to see the real beauty of nature – such as the cool, green water of the river. 

  • You’re helping the local people
The boat ride is actually a livelihood project for the locals to help them stay away from activities like timber poaching and wildlife hunting. Residents of Barangay Tenani formed TORPEDO, which stands for  Tour guides and boat Operators for River Protection and Environmental Development Organization.
The Department of Tourism helped TORPEDO by training them in white-water rescue, dealing with and guiding the tourists, and providing first aid in case of injuries. The boat ride was launched in 2010 but was closed down due to flooding. It was reopened in March 2011, and the project has been going strong since then.

  • You get to experience the adventure of a lifetime
The ride spans roughly a total of 10.5 kilometers of the Ulot river. You’ll go through more than ten rapids, and you can also swim and eat at Deni’s Point – the place which marks the end of the ride. This place is a secluded area where you’ll get to see various lifeforms such as birds and lizards which are found in the area. 
If you’re brave, you can try jumping at the whirlpool formed by the strong current of water flowing along the rocks. It’s perfectly safe, and you have your life vest to help you stay afloat. 

  • You get to have fun while staying safe
The torpedoes or the boats which you’ll ride in can seat a total of five people and costs 1,825 pesos for a two-hour ride. A tour guide, a driver, and a point man will accompany you and your companions. The people in charge are strict in following the rules to ensure that everyone stays safe during the ride. A DENR representative will also brief the tourists before the ride begins.

Ulot Torpedo Boat Extreme Boat Ride | Photo Courtesy of Spark Samar

The Ulot Torpedo Boat Extreme Ride is an adventure that you shouldn’t miss. You’ll have an unforgettable experience which you’ll carry with you for a lifetime. What’s better about the whole experience is you also get to help the local people earn for their livelihood. 

Ulot Torpedo Boat Extreme Boat Ride | Photo Courtesy of Spark Samar
Ulot Torpedo Boat Extreme Boat Ride | Photo Courtesy of Spark Samar
Ulot Torpedo Boat Extreme Boat Ride | Photo Courtesy of Spark Samar

To get to the Ulot river from Tacloban, take a van to Catbalogan (this will cost you P120). Get off at the Buray junction (look for the Petron gas station). Turn right to Taft-Paranas road via tricycle, and look for the Ulot river jump off point. 

***Special thanks to DOT 8 and the Province of Samar for providing the photos.
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