Getting an Australian Tourist Visa is now more easy than before. You no longer need to visit the Autralian Embassy in Mania to secure a visa. The process is now 100% online so you can apply for your Australian Tourist Visa at the comfort of your home. This is good news to Filipino travelers who live outside Metro Manila like Cebu, Iloilo and Davao
Australian Tourist Visa Application Process
The process of securing an Australian Tourist Visa is pretty much straightforward. I actually applied like 1AM after a coffee session with friends and finished the whole process around 3AM. Yeah, I just basically realized one day that I wanted to go to Australia and see the Sydney Opera House. Hahaha. [Read: SYDNEY TRAVEL GUIDE]
Since my Australian Tourist Visa application wasn’t actually planned, I just had to make use of what was available to me. Luckily, I had a recent photo which passed the specification  set by the Australiam Immigration Authority so I decided to move forward. [Read: MELBOURNE TRAVEL GUIDE]

Australian Tourist Visa Requirements (Online Application)

Before applying for a visa online, it’s best to prepare all the requirements. Make sure you all have the requirements so your application process will be smooth. If you have a scanner then it’s much better as you need to do a lot of scanning of documents to do.
  • Scan your passport’s photo page. If you have just recently renewed your passport and all your visas and stamps are in the expired passport, make sure you also scan the photo page of your old passport and label it as expired passport.
    •  Passport-sized photograph in plain light (or white) background. At the back of the photo, write this declaration: “This is a true photograph of your FIRST and LAST NAME ” then your signature.
  •  Scan both sides of the photo (front and back)
Evidence of Financial Capacity and Assets
    • Bank Statement – if you have an online banking account, you can save or print as pdf from there or you can screenshot and save. Makse sure you save it as it is and no edits as it can be traced if the image was edited. For passbook accounts, scan it.
    • Bank Certificate – if you can get one from you bank then it is much better. As mentioned above, I did not plan to lodge my visa application so I don’t have this. Again, better if you have.
    • Credit Card Statement – I submitted the latest statement. Could be better if you submit at least 3 months to show your transactions.
    • Pay Slips – If you are an employee, submit a payslip for the last 3 months
    • ITR or tax document – I didn’t have ot with me so I wasn’t able to submit my ITR. I submitted an explanation letter and attached my certificate of earnings from upwork.
    • Certificate of Earnings if you are an Upworker. Also sent a screenshot of my active contracts as supporting document.
  • I also attached my Memorlial Lot Ownership/Title. Hahaha
Travel History
  • Scan all pages of your passport with visas, entry and exit stamps and amendments.
Evidence of Work Experience
    1. Certicate of Employment – if currently employed
    1. Employer Leave Approval
    1. Business Registration – if applicable
  1. Evidence of contracts with clients for freelancers. Again, I submitted a screenshot of my work contracts in Upwork.
Evidence of Birth or Age
  • NSO Birth Certificate
Evidence of Planned Tourism Activities
  • Day-to-day itinerary of your planned visit which includes the places you will visit and activities you will do.
Other Supporting Documents
  • Cover Letter – explaining the purpose of your travel. I did not submit this since I already mentioned my purpose in my explanation letter.
Visa Fee (AUD140) roughly around Php5,500
  • Credit card, debit card, PayPal, and UnionPay are accepted.
Other required documents that may apply to you
    • Letter of invitation from sposnor (friend or family)
    • Identification Documents of Sponsor
    • Evidence that your sponsor in Australia can financially support your trip. 
  • Marriage Certificate. 
After gathering all the requirements above, you’re now ready to proceed with the online visa application process.

How to Apply for an Australian Tourist Visa Online

Step 1: Create an ImmiAccount 
Make sure that you register an email address you regularly check as it will be your means of getting updates about your application status. You may register here.
Step 2: Accomplish the Application Form
Fill out the Visitor/Short Stay Visa (Tourist Subclass 600) Form. 
Answer all the fields correctly and honestly. Review your answers to make sure you have the correct information.
Step 3: Submit / Upload all the required supporting documents
Step 4: Pay your Visa Fee
Online visa applications, can only be paid using a credit or debit card. It is AUD140 plus a minimal surcharge fee. After payment, you will get an email that your application has been received.

Processing Time

There is no standard processing time. Some of my friends got their visa after 3-5 business days. I was kinda worried that my visa application would be rejected since it took a while unlike my friends’ application. Fortunately, it was granted. I got my visa after 20 business days. It was a long wait but at least I got a one year multiple entry visa.

Validity of the Visa

I applied for a single entry visa with a 10 days itinerary but I was given a one year multiple entry visa. 

How the Australian Visa Looks?

Sample Itinerary for 10 Days in Australia


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