The Hidden Paradise that is Bucas Grande

Pristine lagoons, coves, lakes, stingless jellyfish, rock formations, and sea caves are just few of the things one can enjoy in Bucas Grande

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In the simple province of Surigao del Norte, hidden in a labyrinthine terrain, is an island with rounded and hilly islets covered in thick evergreen – the hidden world of Bucas Grande. The island is situated on the far eastern part of Surigao del Norte and lies within the breadth of the Pacific. Bucas Grande has been blessed with peaceful shorelines and magnificent white beaches. 
The primary destination in Bucas Grande is the Sohoton Cove. It is packed with bewildering discoveries that will make you come out of the same cove entrance spell-bounded. Sohoton Cove got its name from the Cebuano word so-oton or to pass through a small opening — this is because the only entrance to the cove is a cavernous expanse with very low ceiling. The cove is the home of the Hagukan Sea Cave and Magkuku-ob cavern.

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Hagukan Cave derives its name from snore-like (haguk) sound the waves produce inside the cave. The cave has a half-submerged, small entrance, and ceiling that is decorated with stalactites. Its green waters glows and illuminates the dark cave. You will also notice a glow in your skin when swimming inside the cave since its small entrance lets the sunlight to stream directly into the water resulting to illuminating reflection. 

The diving platform at Magkukuob Cavern | Photo by Jefferson Balon


Magkukuob cavern is also one of the caves found in Sohoton Cove and blue lagoon. In order to get inside the cavern, one must paddle in waist-level cold water and walk like a duck to reach the dry path. The walls of the cavern are naturally painted with different colors — yellow, aqua, and turquoise — a sight like a galaxy. Once inside the cavern, you will find yourself standing in the middle of remarkable collection of rock formations. In order to get out of the cavern, some rock-climbing skills are required since the only way out is on the top. At the exit, a platform rests on a cliff where you have to take a 5-meter jump to the clear, blue sea, in order to return to the boat.

Stingless Jellyfish | Photo by: Jefferson Balon


Another place to visit in Bucas Grande is the stingless Jellyfish Sanctuary. The visit to the sanctuary requires moving to a small paddle boat that can carry two to three persons. The island’s caretakers make it a priority to preserve the environment, thus motorized boat in this area of the island is prohibited. The sanctuary is a lagoon of still azure water set in idyllic seclusion. During months of March to May millions of jellyfish show up in the sanctuary and they bloom in full grandeur from July up to August. 


The trip to Bucas Grande is not limited to Sohoton Cove since the place is endowed with beautiful islands that are open for exploration. One of the islands to visit is the Cinnamon Island. From the name itself, the island is draped with cinnamon trees and visitors or this island are welcomed with delicious cinnamon tea. 


If you are in search for an ideal snorkeling site, Mark-A island is also a place to go. It is an A-shaped paradise and is one of Bucas Grande’s islands with powdery white sand beaches. A few meters away from the island is a place filled with corals teeming with marine life. When visiting this island, it is a must to bring your snorkeling gear. 

Stingless Jellyfish | Photo by: Jefferson Balon
Bucas Grade is a truly a hidden tropical paradise. It offers unparalleled island escapade for its visitors. Bucas Grande is definitely an “all-in-one” travelling experience. Give Bucas Grande a visit and be transported to another world of wonder. 

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