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A beautiful beach scene in Puerto Galera in The philippines

Our list of the best budget hotels in Puerto Galera ideal for backpackers and for those who travel on a shoestring.

With more than 7,600 islands in the Philippines, you are sure to find at least 1,000 destinations perfect for vacation trips, and Puerto Galera is one of those islands that you should not miss out on. And if you’re already planning to go, we’ll help you learn about the best budget hotels in Puerto Galera to stay in; all below the price of PHP 2,500 per night!

Budget hotels in Puerto Galera
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Sunny Beach Resort

Only a few meters away from the beach, Sunny Beach Resort is your go-to resort for quaint and relaxing stay. They have various room options you can choose from. Pairs or big families can find rooms here that are very clean and comfortable. Moreover, you will be welcomed and served by the staff that aids their guests with a smile. Check rates and availability.

Simon Heritage Resort

In the heart of Puerto Galera is a resort that exudes peacefulness and tranquility; Simon Heritage Resort offers spacious rooms with cozy cushions and free WiFi. They have a simple aesthetic to their design, focusing more on the environment around you. The food they offer here feels like a bountiful feast every time, not only is it a lot but it tastes good too! Check rates and availability.

Zen Rooms White Beach

A somewhat tropical-themed resort, Zen Rooms is a place that is easily noticeable as it makes use of tropical colors such as green and yellow in its design. More than just their designs, all rooms here are roomy, and it includes your own shower. If you want to have a fun night, try the drinks at their bar; highly recommended.

Bamboo House Beach Lodge and Restaurant

Want to really get that authentic beach-stay experience? This place is famous for how they make use of basic wood and bamboo as their foundation but making it look chic. Many have commended on how homey their accommodations are. The whole lodge gives off a Filipino home vibe. You even have your own shower as well. Check rates and availability.

Capt’n Gregg’s Dive Resort

At first glance, the resort looks like an American by-the-sea Seafood Restaurant which what the resort is on the first floor. So, food is easily accessible here and you can expect it to taste delectable. As for their rooms, they may be a bit small but it does feel snug. You’d wake up to the smell of the sea breeze here every morning. Check rates and availability.

Dreamwave Beach Resort

You have easy access to different destinations when you stay here. The resort boasts that every room here is designed to give an absolute convenient and comfortable stay for the guest. Their soft cushions and smooth sheets will make every night a good one. And they also have quite a number of amenities guests would love. Check rates and availability.

Tropicana Castle Dive Resort

By its name, you’d get the clue that the resort is Castle-themed. It makes use of medieval furniture and ornaments and mixes it with modern design. All their rooms do make you feel like royalty—looks and feels classy. Their restaurant serves international dishes that taste delectable. Check rates and availability.

Have you been to any of these budget hotels in Puerto Galera or do you have other recommendations? Let us know in the comment below.


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