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There are a lot of destinations in the country that is good a place to relax and have fun. Only a few hours away from Metro Manila is the municipality of Puerto Galera. In recent years, the popularity of Puerto Galera has been growing; well how can it not when it has stunning beaches, exciting activities, and peaceful atmosphere. It has every single thing you would want and need when going on a vacation. Learn about the things you can do here in Puerto Galera, a must-visit tourist spot near Manila.

Puerto Galera: A Must-Visit Tourist Spot Near Manila
Puerto Galera: A Must-Visit Spot Destination Near Manila | BigStock Photos

Things to do in Puerto Galera

Hike to Tamaraw Falls

Tamaraw falls is the most popular falls in this district. Why? Because it is the most breathtaking of them all. Some say that it’s beauty doesn’t come close to Kawasan or Pagsanjan Falls. However, it does have its own unique look and feel to it. What makes it so unique is how you will see small streams coming together and forming the larger and magnificent falls. Its pool is refreshing and good for cooling off.

Stop by at Mangyan Village

Passing through a thick and enchanting forest, you will see an indigenous tribe in Mindoro known as the Mangyan. The villagers here are welcoming and kind. They want to welcome travelers and let them see and learn about their culture and traditions. What this tribe is most known for is their woven baskets. These baskets with intricate designs are made by such delicate and poised hands. The tribe makes and sell the baskets to help support themselves. 

Tip: Best to go here with a guide, so you can have an easier time communicating with the locals and be more aware of the norms and traditions.

Go Diving

The marine life of Puerto Galera is definitely one of the best here in the Philippines. There are more than 40 diving spots in the municipality alone, all of which have varying difficulty level, but all provide a spectacular experience of encountering the life at sea. Beginners are advised to go to coral gardens. With only 9 feet depth, you’d be surprised by how much you’ll see here. You only have to snorkel. While for those who are a bit more advanced, Shark cave should be included on your list.

Try Out the Beach Activities

Beaches in Puerto Galera are ones you have to see in person, not just in pictures. All are breathtaking, clean and relaxing. But more than just the exquisiteness of the beaches, the activities that are offered here are really exciting! You can go jet skiing, parasailing and even wakeboarding; most of the beaches offer them. There are those who also offer banana boat rides. Additionally, parties by the beach at Puerto Galera is just as fun as the parties of Boracay.

Discover the Secret Beaches

Don’t get us wrong, White Beach and Sabang are beautiful. They are relaxing and unique from most beaches in the Philippines, but there are other beaches in Puerto Galera that are as or maybe even more beautiful– just like the Talipanan beach. Resorts here are quite luxurious, however, the price is affordable. Plus, it provides a more serene and tranquil experience because there aren’t many people in it.

How to get to Puerto Galera

There are a number of ways to get to Puerto Galera depanding on where you come from.

From Manila. Take a Batangas bound bus from Cubao, Buendia or Alabang. Once in Batangas pier, take a ferry to Puerto Galera.

For a hassle-free journey, you may take a SIKAT bus from Manila which includes ferry transfer to Puerto Galera. You can check the schedule here.


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