5 Things to Do in Surigao City
Things to do in Surigao City

At the northernmost point of Mindanao is the beautiful Surigao City – one of the small yet competitive cities in the Philippines, Surigao is a prime spot for quick getaways, longer vacations, or even permanent stay.

Things to Do in Surigao City
Things to Do in Surigao City

It is a coastal city which is near to the “Philippine Deep,” the third deepest sea trench in the world reaching 10,540 meters. The city is also known for its water activities such as surfing, swimming, and snorkeling. But exploring the city will offer greater things to do! In here, we have compiled 6 things to do in Surigao City you can enjoy.

Stay at the Day-Asan Floating Villages

Dubbed as “Little Venice,” staying at the Day-Asan Floating Villages is a team favorite of things to do in Surigao City. Unlike other water parks, this place is for those looking for peace in their busy lives. You and your friends can stay at the nipa huts perched on top of the wooden beams. This place was meant for drinking coffee while looking at the sunset.

Take a dip at Lake Mainit

Is it mainit or hot? Sometimes. But it is so big that it is shared by Surigao City and Agusan Del Norte. In fact, it is the 4th biggest lake in the whole Philippine archipelago.

The lake is a shelter to many plants and animals such as the Fire orchid, Indian lotus, White-breasted Sea Eagle, and Mindanao forest kingfisher.

Reflect at Mabua Pebble Beach

Backpackers often stop at the Mabua Pebble Beach to rest, to reflect, and go on in their adventure. This beach has a shore made of white pebbles which shows its pure clarity when the sunlight hits it.

Mabua Pebble Beach
Mabua Pebble Beach

There is also a mountain trail nearby which is the Mabua-Looc trail. You get to the peak with exactly 380 steps.

Freshen up at Songkoy Cold Spring

A natural spring with crystal clear water. Songkoy Cold Spring is a favorite spot of both locals and tourists to cool off. The cool water will surely relax your tense body under the usual Philippine heat.

Do note that it is 50 minutes away from the city proper so make sure you bring all the food and supplies you need.

Explore the Silop Cave

Silop Cave is one of the two popular caves in Surigao City. The other being Buenavista Cave. It is comprised of 6 smaller caves. There are still unexplored routines (only 2 caves are open for visitors) within these caves which makes this cave system mysterious and more exciting.

Silop Cave
Silop Cave

Inside the cavern, you will realize how beautiful life and nature is. The bats, rock formations, and water bodies make this site an interesting choice for tourists.


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