As a traveler, we want to update our friends and family of what is happening to us. Not only that, sometimes it gets complicated moving around from one place to the other especially for a country where English is not widely spoken.

I had my fair share of misadventure when I was in Japan two years ago. I went to Yamanashi where only a few people speak English so I had difficulty asking for directions. Too bad, I didn’t have an internet connection so it added to the difficulty moving around. Good thing there were people who helped me reach the farm I was heading to.

After that experience, I always make sure I have a pocket wifi with me when I travel abroad. There are plenty of companies that offer pocket wifi but I prefer the Travel Wifi from Smart.

For as low as Php390, you get unlimited data valid for 24 hours. Plus, if you travel with your friends or family, you can easily share the wifi with them for up to 5 devices. Speed is good, too so it’s really reliable.

How to get a Smart World Travel WiFi?

Getting a Smart World Travel Wifi is so easy. Just book the Wifi device online and receive it via courier.

Bring it abroad and turn it on once you land in your destination. You don’t have to do a lot of stuff before you can use the device. Just press start and voila! You can enjoy local high-speed data connection.

Once you arrived back in the country, you can return the device by courier.

To know more about Smart World Travel WiFi you can visit their website at:

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