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Tourist spots in Guimaras

This is our list of the best tourist spots in Guimaras, a province in Western Visayas home to the best mangoes in the Philippines.

If you’re looking for a great escapade away from the city, Guimaras has a lot of destinations to offer. This province is part of the Western Visayas and regardless if it’s your first time to get here or not, you will be amazed by the natural and historical places here.

Guimaras is also a province visited by many foreigners and local citizens. Whether it’s your long vacation leave from work or just a weekend getaway, you will surely get surprised by lots of beaches, churches, waterfalls, little islands and many more. To give you a list of the destinations where you can go to, here are the top tourist spots in Guimaras.

6 Best Tourist Spots in Guimaras

Alubihod Beach

For those wishing to find an ocean escape in Guimaras, Alubihod Beach tops your choices of beaches here. This top destination doesn’t have pure white sands if compared to Boracay and Palawan but we’re 100% sure that it has its own charm and beauty. You can do activities here such as beach volleyball and frisbee. If you want a more adventurous journey, you can do island hopping originating from this beach.

Guisi Lighthouse

One of the top tourist spots in Guimaras is the Guisi Lighthouse. Located in Nueva Valencia, you will find the historic lighthouse that has been standing since the 18th century when Spaniards colonized the country. It is build near the Guisi beach and serves as a guide for fishermen and mariners who are having their sea journey.

Trappist Monastery

Founded in 1972, Our Lady of the Philippines Trappist Monastery is the one and only trappist monastery in the country. It is facilitated by the Cistercian Order of the Strict Observance monks. If you want a peaceful trip, you may want to drop by this sacred tourist spot in Guimaras.

Navalas Church

Situated in Navalas Road, Buenavista is another sacred destination called the Navalas Church. This church is built in 1880 and is believed to be the oldest church of Roman Catholics. It is also the last existing church heritage in Guimaras. It’s worthy to visit if you’re someone who’s looking for historic places in Western Visayas.

San Lorenzo Wind Farm

San Lorenzo Wind Farm is definitely a must-visit place among the top tourist spots in Guimaras. It is quite different from beaches and churches because this place promotes reduction of the province’s greenhouse gases. It is environmental-friendly and beautiful at the same time. If you’re up for some wind turbines sight seeing, make sure to drop by the San Lorenzo Wind Farm!

Taklong Island National Marine Reserve

Nueva Valencia is truly a haven of different wonders. Here, you can also find the Taklong Island National Marine Reserves–one of the marine protected sites in the country. This place is established to make a safe home for marine resources. During your visit here, you hop on the islands of Taklong climb the lighthouse for an overview of the rest of the island.

13 Notable Guimaras Tourist Spots

Smallest Plaza
Jordan-Hoskyn Rd, Poblacion, Jordan, Guimaras

Balaan Bukid
Barangay Balcon Melliza, Jordan, Guimaras

Mango Research Center
Guimaras Circumferential Rd, Jordan, Guimaras

Museo de Guimaras
Jordan, Guimaras

SEAFDEC (Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center)
Nueva Valencia, Guimaras

Ave Maria Island
Nueva Valencia, Guimaras

Turtle Island
Nueva Valencia, Guimaras

Baras Beach and Cave
Jordan, Guimaras

Fairy Castle
Nueva Valencia, Guimaras

Lamurawan Island
Nueva Valencia, Guimaras

Natago Beach
Jordan, Guimaras

Roca Encantada
Buenavista, Guimaras

Isla Naburot
Nueva Valencia, Guimaras

Festivals in Guimaras

  • Manggahan Festival – provincial festival
  • Palayag Festival in Buenavista, Guimaras
  • Bulantihan Festival in the Municipality of Jordan
  • Balsahan Festival in the Municipality of Sibunag
  • Asinan Festival in the Municipality of San Lorenzo
  • Karosahan Festival in Municipality of Nueva Valencia

Must-Try Food in Guimaras

  • Mango Pizza at The Pitstop Restaurant in Jordan, Guimaras
  • Pork Binuog at Camiña Balay nga Kawayan in Sibunag, Guimaras
  • Fresh Seafood at Celian Seafoods Restaurant in Jordan, Guimaras
  • Mango Bibingka
  • Mango Ketchup

Where to Stay in Guimaras

Depending on where you plan to go in Guimaras, the province has many hotels and hostels to accommodate every guest. The majority of the accommodations are located in Jordan. Check out these hotels and hostels in Guimaras or you may also consider staying at these Airbnb units in Guimaras.

How to get to Guimaras

There is no commercial airport in Guimaras. Your best option is to fly to Iloilo City. From Iloilo Airport, you can take a van to Iloilo City Proper or a P2P bus to Iloilo Business Park. From there take a tricycle or taxi to Ortiz Wharf, then take a boat to Jordan Wharf which is only about 15 minutes away. The boat leaves every 15 minutes. The first trip is at 5:30 AM and the last trip is at 7:30 PM. For the latest ferry schedule, you may refer to this article.


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