Top Tourist Spots in Isabela [And How To Get There]
Top Tourist Spots in Isabela

The province of Isabela is not as boring as you think. It is a place of amusement and beauty and you can only find that out by going there. If you are someone who’s looking for a new adventure in the central Cagayan Valley, here’s the list of the top tourist spots in Isabela where you can have your greatest escapade of the year.

, here’s the list of the top tourist spots in Isabela where you can have your greatest escapade of the year.

Top Tourist Spots in Isabela
Top Tourist Spots in Isabela

Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Isabela, Philippines

Dibulo Falls

Speaking of the top tourist spots in Isabela, Dibulo Falls is one enchanting destination you could find when you are in Dinapigue. If you want to see the tallest falls in the province of Isabela situated in a secluded portion and is facing the wide and wild Pacific Ocean, get your 14 hours ready because it’s a long rocky road ahead of you!

St. Matthias Church at Tumauini

Want to visit a sacred place where you can pray before you start your trip to Isabela? Don’t look for anything else but the St. Matthias Church or simply Tumauini Church located in Taumauini. It is a church and a tourist spot at the same time because of the history of the place. Surely after visiting this place, you’ll feel safe and blessed to continue the rest of your travel in the province.

St. Matthias Church / Tumauini Church
St. Matthias Church / Tumauini Church

Magat Dam

Magat Dam is also a place where you can drop by after a long ride from your last destination. It is basically a rock-fill dam located near Santiago City of the province of Isabela. There is not much to be done here aside from sight-seeing from the dam. Some people stop by this tourist spot to take their meals and snacks while enjoying the sounds of the running water. You can do that too by adding a little bit of photography.

Magat Dam
Magat Dam

Ruins at San Pablo Church

Haven’t seen the ruins at San Pablo Church yet? Maybe it’s now time to take a peek at this historic place while reminiscing memories from the past. This church, being one of the top tourist spots in Isabela, dates us back to the Spanish-colonial age. What makes this place unique is the way it was built. Instead of using red bricks to build up the church, adobe was used. And though it was almost destroyed during WWII, the ruins remain and will hold the history of the place until it becomes ashes.

Dicotcotan Beach

If you want a beach experience instead, you can head directly to Dicotcotan Beach in Palanan, Isabela to enjoy the beauty Mother Nature has bestowed unto us. This place is 3 kilometers long–long enough to make you feel that you are in an endless sea paradise.

Blue Lagoon in Palanan

After tanning in Dicotcotan, you can also visit the Blue Lagoon in Palanan. It is far different from a beach experience but will surely put you in awe when you see how crystal the blue water is. As what the name suggests, this place is a lagoon where you can bath with cold and breezy water.

Queen Isabela

Of course, don’t forget to check out the Queen Isabela Park of Ilagan! This is another historical place that will fascinate you to know more about the life of Queen Isabela when she was still reigning in the province. For the record, this spot has been existing for more than 150 years!

How to get to Isabela

From Pasay and Cubao in Metro Manila, a number of bus companies like Victory Liner, Five Star and others have direct routes to different towns in Isabela. There are buses to Cauayan, Santiago City, Ilagan, and oother major towns and cities in the province.


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