Top Tourist Spots in La Union [And How To Get There]
Top Tourist Spots in La Union

Every weekend is a fun one in La Union. With the diverse destinations and tourist spots in La Union, it is understandable why almost every weekend many people drive to the province. You can never run out of activities to do here; it may seem like a laid-back destination where you can just chill and relax but the possibilities of the kind of fun you will have here are endless.

Top Tourist Spots in La Union
Top Tourist Spots in La Union | Photo by: Edss Tolentino

Must-Visit Tourist Spots in La Union, Philippines

San Juan Beach

Looking to catch some waves? La Union isn’t considered a premier surf spot for nothing. It’s a great surfing destination because people of any skill level would love it. Waves here have varied difficulty. Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll find some waves that fit your skills. After, you can just chill and grab a bite to eat.

San Juan Beach
San Juan Beach | Photo by: Beng Fontiveros

Tangadan Falls

The fairytale-like tourist spot in La Union; the two-tier falls looks more like mystical falls with water that comes out like mist. The upper tier is a shorter drop, however, the pool it has is good for cliff diving because it is deeper. The lower tier, on the other hand, is a place where you can just swim and waddle around. But, the lower tier is the one that does look more magical.

Ma-Cho Temple

Not known by many, but there is actually a Taoist temple found in La Union. This very colorful temple was built for the sea goddess. Built in the year 1975, this temple has 7 stories, all of which have interesting highlights you should see. Check out the Bell Tower, Bamboo Garden, and Majestic Five Door Gate.

Bahay na Bato

By its name, expect to see a house completely built from pebbles and stones. There are different sculptures found in the house which are unique that have made people interested in seeing the entire property. It puts a modern twist to regular tourist spots in La Union. Its design and interior is a sight in itself.

Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point

Ever wondered how a resort made it on to this list? Well because the theme of the hotel will make you feel like you just went to Santorini, when technically you’re just in La Union. This luxurious resort stands on a cliff that has an amazing view of the San Fernando Bay and West Philippine Sea. They also have amenities that a big group of friends or family would love. You can book here.

Luna Pebble Beach

Different colors and sizes of pebbles at Luna Pebble Beach; some may think that this is not an ideal beach to go to but the smooth texture of these pebbles is actually quite relaxing on the feet. The ruined watchtower also add character to the beach. It looks historic as it sits with the backdrop of coral waters.

La Union Grape Farm

To have a bit calmer and more relaxing activity, stop by at La Union Grape Farm to personally see how and why grapes from La Union is very famous. You will be met with more than a hundred rows of vineyards; all of which hold the best fresh grapes you might ever taste in the Philippines.

How to get to La Union

There are plenty of bus companies that operater a route from Metro Manila to La Union. Partas Bus have direct routes to Sebay and San Juan, La Union from Cubao. Buses to Vigan and Laoag also pass through La union so you can also take those buses and alight in La Union.


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