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tourist spots in laguna, philippines

Only a couple of hours away from Manila is a province that holds many astounding destinations that will surely be your next must-go on your bucket list. The tourist spots in Laguna province is not like your usual beach destinations, but it does hold its own kind of attraction that provides a one of a kind experience. The list below is a combination of natural, historical and modern forms of attractions you will love.

Top Tourist Spots in Laguna
Top Tourist Spots in Laguna | Photo Credit to RJ d Explorer

Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Laguna, Philippines

Pagsanjan/Cavinti Falls

Going to Pagsanjan Falls is already a treat, the vegetation you will pass by and also the rock formations you will see are interesting. Try getting a raft ride so you can actually get through the falls; it’s like getting a massage! Experience the rapids and get your adrenaline going. Enjoy the cool water and let yourself get refreshed.

The Devil’s Cave, photo by Juanderful Pinoy

Makiling Botanic Garden

Isn’t it nice to see something beautiful while learning something as well? This destination is perfect for educational and recreational means. There are a number of flowering plants and ferns here at Makiling Botanic Gardens. Some of which are the most stunning you will see around the area. Then, there is a creek that provides a peaceful sound of water flowing. It feels like a paradise here. This tourist spot in Laguna receives many visitors every year.

Lake Caliraya

Enjoy swimming on a lake that is surrounded by thriving and lush trees. The view will be picturesque. You can even have a picnic by the side of the lake. But to enjoy it fully, to have the entire experience and appreciation for the beauty of the lake, try renting out the floating cottage. Feel the water move and feel the cold breeze in the middle of the lake.

Enchanted Kingdom

We all deserve to feel like a kid from time to time. And why not go to the closest version of the Philippines to the “Happiest place on earth”. Enchanted Kingdom is one of the tourist spots in Laguna that is an oldie but a goodie. Try out as many rides as you can and see how brave you can be.

Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

Just because it’s a cemetery, it does not mean it is scary or not worth going to. The Narcarlan Underground Cemetery is both beautiful in its exterior and interior design. The clean-cut green grass and well-kept bushes on the outside and off-white fading cement on the inside is something to see.

Mount Banahaw

Mystical and magical, these are the two words best to describe Mount Banahaw. In the district of Calabarzon, Mount Banahaw stands as the tallest mountain; soaring at a height of 1,080 feet. The government has made sure to protect the area. Hikers and trekkers would enjoy the adventure and challenges they will face here.

Mount Makiling

The mountain that has many of the Filipino folklore, poems, and stories have revolved on; this mountain is nothing you should fear but instead should admire. Hikers and trekkers would also love it here but mountain bikers, campers and bird watchers would have a spectacular time as well.

How to get to Laguna

From Metro Manila, there are a number of bus companies that have routes to different points in Laguna Province. The most common jump-off point to this province is in Alabang in Muntinlupa and Buendia in Makati. Check out our list of 5 Family-Friendly Resorts in Laguna With A Pool.


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