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The Ruins in Bacolod

Have you ever heard of the “Sugar Bowl of the Philippines?” This province is located in Visayas and is known to produce at least half of the sugar production of the country, and also some being exported to other countries. Well, aside from sugar production, the province is also an interesting place to explore. There are a lot of tourist spots in Negros Occidental that you should consider visiting this year.

Top Tourist Spots in Negros Occidental
Top Tourist Spots in Negros Occidental

Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Negros Occidental, Philippines

The Ruins

At first glance, it can clearly be seen that the mansion was built out of love. Built in 1920, Don Mariano has dedicated the construction of this mansion for his wife who died in 1911. The amazing things that love can do to a person; Don Mariano showed his love for his wife through the intricacy of the details placed in every room of the mansion.

The Ruins in Bacolod
The Ruins in Bacolod

Carbin Reef

This sandbar has glimmering white sand that comes in almost a tongue-like shape. The sandbar is surrounded by aqua-colored waters that is so clear that it glistens and shines when sunlight hits it. But the best part about this is not what we see above waters, but what is under it. The underwater life of Carbin Reef is out-of-this-world. The ecosystem here is thriving, no wonder why this tourist spot in Negros Occidental is often visited.


The natural resources and wonders in Sipalay are so abundant that it can leave you astounded. The cliffs, caves, and beaches here is any traveler’s cup-of-tea. The turquoise waters of the beaches might make you think you’re in Palawan. Sun-bathing, going kayaking, and swimming are the top activities here. Or you can also go beach-hopping. You might actually end up overwhelmed with all the beaches you can see.

Lakawon Island

Away from crowded streets, gardens, and beaches, Lakawon Island is the tourist spot in Negros Occidental that is your sure time away from many people. The laid-back atmosphere of the island will truly be appreciated by those who want to go to beaches for its peacefulness and tranquility. Or if you want to have a bit of fun, you may want to try out the Taw Hai floating bar. It is the biggest floating bar in Asia.

Mag-Aso Falls

Very mystical and fairytale-like, the Mag-Aso Falls is the kind of falls you’d expect to see if you were to see a real-life place for fairies. The pool of the falls has a cobalt turquoise shade that gives an enchanting feel to it against and beside the rock formations with a mixture of brown, gray, and green colors. The height of the falls isn’t too high, but it still looks majestic.

Mambukal Mountain Resort

This is a unique resort because of the way it was designed and developed by its Japanese architect. The resort is surrounded by lush trees that soar up high. The wind here smells refreshing thanks to the trees that surround it. Try out the hot springs for some cooling off time.

How to get to Negros Occidental

The usual jump-off point to your trip to Negros Occidental is Bacolod City. There are daily flights from Manila and Cebu to Bacolod City. Alternatively, you can also take a boat from Iloilo City or a bus from Dumaguete City.


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