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Top Tourist Spots in Northern Samar

Northern Samar is yet another place among the islands in the Philippines that displays a lot of attractive destinations. If Eastern Visayas is in your list of places to travel this year, you won’t regret coming here because of the promising places you will discover. To help you with your trip, here are the top tourist spots in Northern Samar.

Top Tourist Spots in Northern Samar
Top Tourist Spots in Northern Samar

Must-Visit Tourist Spots in Northern Samar, Philippines

Biri Rock Formation

Biri Island is one of the most interesting towns in Northern Samar. It is where one of the top tourist spots in Northern Samar is located–the Biri Rock Formation. This is a must-visit destination because you get to see the exotic rock formations carved by the waves of San Bernardino Strait. You can climb those formations for a full tourist experience of the place. To learn more about this amazing rock formations and to know how to get to Biri Island, check out our comprehensive Biri Travel Guide.

Biri Rock Formation
Biri Rock Formation

Capul Lighthouse

Fond of watching over towns and seas? If you are, you can drop by the Capul Lighthouse in San Luis, Capul Island. It is considered as one of the historic tourist destinations in Northern Samar as it dates us back to 1896 when the lighthouse was built mainly to complement the lighthouses built in the town of San Bernardino Island. This used to give signals and warning to ships entering the water of Capul and port of Matnog.

Capul Church

Looking for a more historic place other than Capul Lighthouse? If yes, you can list Capul Church as your next destination. This is a 16th-century church dedicated to St. Ignatius of Loyola and is built during the Spanish Colonial period. As far as history tells us, this is the third establishment built in the location. The other two structures were then destroyed during the razing of Moro pirates. If you’re up for historic feels, this is definitely a must-visit place.

Unay Beach in Laoang

Unay Beach is one of the top tourist spots in Northern Samar that can satisfy your beach experience cravings. This is actually the best destination for everyone who’s looking for a place to swim within Laoang. Though the sand is not as white as Boracay, the sound of the waves hitting the rock formations is enough to call you for a jump in the water experience.

Canawayon island in Lapinig

Canawayon Island is another destination that can give you awesome beach experience in Northern Samar. It’s just a small island but is perfect for family get-away and weekend escapades. The place is so peaceful and calm, which is fit for the people who want to take a break from the rushing hours in the city.

Pink Beach in San Vicente Island

Have you ever experienced walking in pink sands and diving into crystal blue waters? If you haven’t, it’s time to try the Pink Beach in San Vicente Island! As what the name says, the sand here is pink, which basically came from the shattered remains of red shells and hermit crabs. The water is so blue that you would rather dive and swim for the whole day.

How to get to Northern Samar

If yiu want to directly go to Northern Samar from Manila, you can take a flight to Catarman, the orovince’s capital. From there you can take a van to other towns in the province and the rest of Eastern Visayas. Alternatively, you can also fly to Tacloban or Calbayog and take a van from there. If you are coming from Bicol, you can take a bus bound for Eastern Visayas and Mindanao and alight in Allen. If you are already in Sorsogon, you can go to Matnog Port and take a ferry to Samar (Allen, San Isidro, Dapdap) and take a van to your next destination in the region.


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