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Things to Do in Kuching, Malaysia

At the heart and the capital of Sarawak in Malaysia, there lies a city that has a rich culture and exquisite food. It has always attracted travelers due to its raw wilderness. Do you know what city it is? Well, it’s no other than Kuching, Malaysia!

Things to Do in Kuching, Malaysia
Kuching, Malaysia

We had a hard time coming up with a list of things to do in Kuching, Malaysia since there are obviously so many activities tourists can enjoy! Nevertheless, here are the 5 of the best activities that should really be on your itinerary:

Stay at the Waterfront Lodge

Unlike lavish hotels, Waterfront Lodge gives you the authentic feel of living in Kuching. From its Malay-inspired interior design (inspired by Colonia, Nyonya, and Baba aesthetics) to its vintage wooden exterior, the living experience is as real as it gets.

It is a popular rest place given its high demand rating in various travel and booking websites. Tourists will have an easier time going to other destination since the Waterfront Lodge is located at No. 15 Main Bazaar, one of the busiest streets in Kuching right in the center of the city.

Explore Bako National Park

Kuching is an urban city but still has prime forests and seas. As the first and oldest national park, the Bako National Park is a place filled with rich flora and fauna, ancient rock formations, and pristine waters.

Tourists can explore the park and attend cultural festivals, see the big nosed Proboscis Monkey, or swim at various waterfalls and beaches. Surely, when the trip is over, there will be no bad photo of this park.

Eat at Top Spot

When visiting a new city, it is best you dine at the small hole-in-the-wall eateries to taste the genuine cuisine the city has to offer.

Kolo Mee
Kolo Mee

At Top Spot, more than 500 travellers can enjoy eating together at group tables and served food from many food stalls. The food court is on top of a multi-level parking area. Plus points for the view of Kuching at night.

Only the freshest and tastiest food is served here. The dazzling neon signs will surely attract you and your group to each of the unique stalls. This makes eating at Top Spot as one of the best things to do in Kuching, Malaysia!

Visit the Sarawak State Museum

What better way to appreciate a city’s culture is to learn the history that built it. The museum was founded by Charles Brooke, a former Rajah or head of state of Sarawak in August 1986 up until his death in May 1917.

Sarawak State Museum was founded in 1888 making it the oldest museum. It houses different heritage antiquities, documents, and even fossils. Inside the museum, there is the Ethnology Museum, an aquarium, the Botanical Gardens, and Heroes’ Memorial.

Drink at Monkee Bar

Drink with purpose at Monkee Bar. This is a bar owned by an NGO which donates the third of its profits to an orangutan conservation project.

The drinks and food are affordable, the music is local and great, and the place is exciting and festive. The most common happening at Monkee Bar is people go in as strangers and leave as friends. You can cap your trip by chilling at the Monkee Bar with your friends. Who knows? Maybe the trip is not finished yet but is just beginning.

Kuching, Malaysia
Kuching, Malaysia

How to get to Kuching

Kuching has an international airport with multiple daily flights from Kuala Lumpur and other cities around Asia. If you are coming from Pontianak, Indonesia, Miri or Sibu, taking a bus is a good option.


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